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I’m for freedom, for creating my own rules, for living life based on the road map that was in-built in me shown by my true desires.

I’m for a life that leads to the full expression of all of us.


Where abundance & riches support us to be the truest and largest version of ourselves, because it is our right to receive and to give generously, to experience the fruits of this world and to plant seeds so creation can cycle and grow.

I call in the tools of money mindset, income generation, money management & investment education to support me and my clients.

I was in financial advice for 10 years, I worked as a senior advisor as well as an investment analyst. I created investment education for advisers and also founded a financial literacy program for disadvantaged women.

I now support women and couples to create the abundant, joyful & rich life they were born to have. I have a Bachelors of Business in applied Finance & Economics and have completed the Certified Financial Planner CFP® program.


"Working with Freya has been one of the best decisions I've made yet! She is raw, authentic & radically alive. She is not afraid to tell the truth and say it like it is! She also has this way of "seeing through the bullshit" when you're living within the limited beliefs in your own mind, and this is what I love the most! Freya works with just the right amount of "I'm going to kick your ass into action & expansion" mixed with gentle compassion for accepting exactly where you're at right now. I would highly recommend working with her if you're interested in LEVELLING up in many areas of your life (MONEY, HEALTH, EMOTIONAL FREEDOM, MENTAL WELLNESS... the list goes on)" Jin Sowelu, Womens Empowerment Mentor

Freya made me question the things that I thought to be true about money. The way that she structures the learning, from the foundation upwards, made it really clear and easy to make actual changes to my mindset, that have helped to propel me forward. I find that finance and incomes can get messy but Freya really helped me to categorise both in my head and also my money so that I have clear goals that are meeting my values. Thanks Freya" ,Zoe Klein, Yoga & Meditation teacher


"Freya has an incredible wealth of knowledge on finance and yoga, these two totally opposite worlds coupled together make her approach to life and sharing a juxtaposition so symbiotically alluring it’s hard not to want to entirely move into her world. She manages to make a (what I consider a fairly) boring topic interesting and approachable not to mention achievable. Here’s to becoming financially free! Thank you" Grace Hilton-Harvey, Interior Designer

"Freya is the magical unicorn of coaches if business and money coaching! I signed up to learn how to manifest money and I've learnt that and so much more. I am incredibly grateful that I get to work with her. I have shifted MAJOR beliefs and had major breakthroughs over the past few months while having fun and feeling the love. Thank you Freya, The Goddess of Money & Life" Tanya Jasmin, Sales Executive


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Freya Savage

Freya Savage 



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