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this shit at school


but I will ,

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Become financially smart 


If you've been meaning to get your money in order for a while — or you're just ready to stop feeling stressed about it — I've created a Money School that has every financial area completed covered, including the mindset. Create a financial and investment plan that helps you live a richer life...

Hi, I'm Freya

A money and self-actualisation expert.


My professional finance career started over 12 years ago as a financial advisor and investment analyst working with some of the worlds most prestigious global investment firms. I also founded a financial literacy program for disadvantaged women.

Freya completed a Bachelors of Business in Applied Finance & Economics and the Certified Financial Planner CFP® program.

Freya is the creator of the worlds first Money School that combines true deep financial education with money mindset.

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Meet Freya
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Meet the millionaire you


Have enough income to live off from your investments. It is likely more doable and easier than you might expect.


I take the guess work out of it and crunch the numbers for FREE. Let me work out how much you'll need to be investing each week to live financially free.

Invest without sacrificing your values


Protect and grow your financial wealth, AND do it in a way that supports your values.

You might have heard of 'ethical investing' as a way to do this, you might also have the sense that it's not perfect- and you'd be right!

Understand what 'ethical investing' really means and how you can invest smartly while being conscious about what your money is supporting.

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Ocean Rocks

Financially actualise


I define this point as where we are not limited in our expression by financial resources. There are three layers to financial actualisation.

First we need a solid foundation for financial security. Secondly we must invest in our future and finally with good planning and consistency we can reach financial actualisation.

Learn how to put in place these three pillars in the free three part training.

*Please join the facebook group to access all the trainings. You can join here. 

Access the modules below: 

Alicia Stasev, Womens Empowerment


Alicia Stasev
Womens Empowerment

School of Money is the most well rounded in depth course on managing every aspect of money. Applied as directed- this will change your life! Freya doesn’t just talk you through basic financial principles and strategy. She helps you understand it, know it, breathe it, but most of all Freya helps you believe in yourself. During this program I went from being unsure of how I would provide basic needs for my son and I, to be totally financially taken care of well beyond what I could ever have imagined. This program changed our life."



Freya was a total magician and educator during the process of establishing a financial game-plan and road map ahead for me. She really dove into every detail and option, while making sure I understood what each step meant. Much more thorough and educational than I originally expected. Would recommended for anyone looking for comprehensive personal wealth framework and crystal-clear action steps forward!


Animal Rescue

Freya!!! Absolutely loved the invest like a queen course! I love how accessible you’ve made this course as it’s so easy to understand and get started. I was pretty overwhelmed by even just the thought of investing in stock and spoke to numerous financial advisers in the past who told me it’s complicated and in best to just fork out a big wad cash for them to practically do it all for me. Fuck that. You’ve saved me time and $$$. Gosh I’m hooked

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