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The Three Keys


I'm a money and self-actualisation expert.


My professional finance career started over 12 years ago as a financial advisor and investment analyst working with some of the worlds most prestigious global investment firms. I also founded a financial literacy program for disadvantaged women.

Freya holds Bachelors of Business in Applied Finance & Economics and has completed the Certified Financial Planner CFP® program.

Freya is the creator of the worlds first Money School that combines true deep financial education with money mindset.

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10X your income. Build a business that doesn't feel like work, makes a lot of money and impact a lot of people. Manage and grow money as a financially savvy women. Spend and receive freely. Live a fully self-actualised life! I can help you to make that all a reality. 

Access to limitless wealth, money genius intelligence, soul expanding love and perfect creative expression for free.

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