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Conscious Partnership Masterclass

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Relationships are hands down the most full on self development work that we will do.

In relationships we can get blocked or locked in our pain bodies, that pain can often trigger another pain in our loved ones. Often sitting in an emotion that has been triggered from the past or a past experience rather than the present moment.


For example;

Partner A: Was previously cheated on - now in new relationship but gets very upset when new partners ex texts or makes contact.

Partner B: Doesn't mind ex texting and making contact because they feel like it's a friendship. They feel frustration at the restriction and start texting in secret.

These 2 people are both operating from shame. It's shame talking to shame.


We also need to acknowledge the female as the nurturer and the male as the primal - but going beyond Male and Female relationships, we all operate more often in one of those energies - male or female. So sometimes we are going into battle from our dominant energy source too.


The thing is, in relationships we suffer when we are both competing from pain that is emotionally charged. 

In this masterclass we will delve into:

- The empowered masculine & feminine

- Holding space for your partner

- Speaking what you need

- Creating an open & safe environment for growth & love

- Moving from defensiveness to curiosity

- Creating compassionate boundaries

- How to talk about and manage money as a couple

The Details:

- Friday 12th of July 6pm (Melbourne Australia time)

- Cost $99

- Location: Online webinare


The first 5 to register get a bonus couples money coaching session

To Register click on the payment button below

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Freya is a money coach & entrepreneur having founded 4 businesses, and a program to increase financial literacy for disadvantaged women. Freya throws out the traditional rules in money, relationships & work. 


Georgette is a Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Coach and infectious giggler. From first hand experience and learning Georgette is passionate about empowering and nurturing people to live longer and stronger through better connection to heart, mind(s) and higher self.

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