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Get clear on where you want to go and how to get there.

We will build out a detailed financial roadmap that will show you the exact strategy to reach your ultimate ideal lifestyle and financial goals.

You will know exactly how to structure your finances so you will be able to support the present while consciously moving towards a chosen future.


This process will give you precise clarity and precise direction

When we work together we will…

  • Know Who You Are and What You Desire

  • Understand Your Money Personality and Beliefs 

  • Build Out Your North Star and Personal Values

  • Develop Clear Financial Goals that are Flexible and Supportive

  • Unveil the Precise Picture of Your Entire Current Financial Position 

  • Create a Formulated Plan Backed by Numbers of Exactly What to Do

  • Have a In Depth Easy to Understand Roadmap for the Short-Term, for the Medium-Term, Long-Term and a Legacy.

  • Create a Smooth Cash-Flow Structure

  • Have More Than Enough For Current Expenses and Fun without a Budget 

  • You'll have an Effective Actionable Plan to Knock off any Debt

  • Allocated Assets to Support your Lifestyle Desires like Travel, Personal Development, New Cars, Renovations, Celebrations and Children.

  • An Investment Strategy and Investment Philosophy Unique to Your Needs

  • An Investment Portfolio to Grow Wealth and Provide Passive Income

  • Buy or Pay Off Your Own Home

  • Build a Property Portfolio Portfolio

  • Investments to Secure and Grow Wealth

  • Investments to Provide Passive Income

  • Investments to Support Retirement

  • Tax Reduction Strategies

  • Risk Management to Protect Your Income and Family

  • Financial Agreements to Protect Your Relationships and Assets

  • Power of Attorney for Health and Finances 

  • A Plan for Your Legacy

  • Step-by-Step Formulation for Implementation

  • A Clear and Precise Documentation of Your Financial Roadmap for you to Keep

  • Expert Guidance, Education and Direction

  • Financial Business Strategy with Financial Projections (as an additional service)


















What you'll get

When you sign up to work with me you receive:

  • Financial Clarity Kit and Power Session to Effortlessly and Painlessly Pull Together All Your Financial Details

  • Goals and Values Session, in this we will:
    1. Unveil your Money Ancestral Blueprint
    2. Pull out Money Blocks
    3. Get Clear on Your Personal Values
    4. Build Out Clear Financial Goals

  • Investment Education 

  • A Personalised Detailed Financial Roadmap Down to the Dollar

  • A Personalised Investment Strategy

  • Roadmap Presentation and Implementation Session

  • Ongoing Support and Access to Me During the Process


When you sign up for financial strategy you receive lifetime access to:

  • Invest Like A Queen Program to keep for life

  • Access to The Invest Like A Queen Group where you will continue to be supported

  • A Financial Roadmap

  • A tailored Investment Strategy


What to expect

What To Expect

You can expect clarity, relief and confidence when it comes to your finances. You ware now empowered and at ease you will have a solid plan that makes sense and is simple to follow with potent clear results that you can see and track.


Here are some typical results my clients experience when we work together:

  • Relief around money and confidence about the future

  • Increase of Satisfaction with Money

  • Relaxation with Spending 

  • Increase in Spending in line with Values

  • Saving on Interest and Fees (an average saving of $4,000 per year)

  • Debt Repayments happen FAST (mortgages paid off within an average of 15 years)

  • Eliminate Cash Leakages (an average saving of $3,000 per year)

  • Reduction of Future Tax Payments (an average of $15,000 per year)

  • An Increase in Income (an average of 20% more 1 year after we started)

  • Substantial Asset Increase (80% of clients become millionaires within 5 years)

  • Generosity and Philanthropy Becomes Easy and Possible 

  • Financial Assets to Support Children Through Schooling and Experiences

  • A Closer Level of Intimacy with Romantic Partners Due to Financial Security and the Tools for Openness. 









Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to have a big income and large financial assets? 

Not at all. This process helps those who are in debt and those who have multi-millions in assets, and everyone in between. It doesn't matter the starting point. 

I am not experienced with numbers of finances, is that a problem?

No, I do all the heavy lifting with the numbers and educate you along the way using a simple actionable and fun processes. It's my job to ensure it's able to be actioned by you. 

How will I know this will work?

Everything is based on numbers, over 12 years of experience in creating financial strategy and 6 years of study in finance, you're in good hands!


If you're ready to have a clear financial plan in place send me a message here and I'll be happy to walk you through any questions and how to get started.

How do we start?

How the sign up process works
For an individual the process is $5k and for a plan as a couple it is $7.5k. If you would like to include a business financial plan this is an additional $1.5k.


If you're ready to sign up click here and let me know personally or send an email to


As soon as the payment has been made we will get started.

How do I know if this is for me?

Honestly I've never met anyone over 20 who would not benefit greatly from gaining financial clarity, having a financial plan, and financial education. 

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