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It's time to let go of the old habits, any extra body weight, inflammation and fatigue and step up into the high energy high vibe powerhouse you are.


Over 6 weeks of a live training we will focus on the tools that WILL SHIFT you from GREY to RAINBOW.


We will focus on:

Fasting & cleansing

Plant-based nutrition

Harnessing high vibe energy through ancient techniques

Dispelling depressing stress-head energy

Tonic herbs & superfoods

Reversing disease (including aging! YES AGING IS A DISEASE)


Importantly living life in a way that is intuitive and fun!

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Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 9.45.28 pm.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 9.45.28 pm.png
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Step into the most bad-ass version of yourself. The version of yourself that is vibrant and exudes with magnetizing energy. 


Nutrition has the ability to lift us up and support in tapping into our unique energetic powerhouse so we can show up in the world with confidence, purpose, joy, and vigour!


​But the food we eat, the way we eat and the amount we eat also have the ability to dampen us making us sick, fat, depressed & anxious and lessening our potential and potency in the world.


​We are the only species so confused and obsessed with what we put in our bodies, and yet arguably the most intelligent. 


In this mastermind, we tap into human intuition backed with science to unlock how we can best support life whoever you are, whatever you do - as a parent, an athlete, a Netflix lover, a human. Empowering you with the tools to integrate and design a system that works for YOU. 


​This mastermind focuses on HOW we can use fasting, plants and our own internal energy for optimal health.


​Through the six weeks together you'll have the opportunity to look at health with a clear lens and practical steps to improve your lifestyle to step into a more vibrant version of you.

I know what it's like to be bombarded with information, so much that it becomes overwhelming and you don't know which way to go so you don't go anywhere. A year later, they still are stuck in the same f**king patterns. 


I've trained as an endurance athlete while working 50+ hour weeks working in corporate and teaching yoga. I looked fit but I was burnt out and sick. I knew that there must be another way to look great, be a fierce competitor and also feel amazing without the obsession of it all so I could enjoy the journey.


Now I eat what I want, I NEVER get sick, I'm super fit and I've cured myself of inflammatory diseases.




I've taken what I learned from studying Plant-Based Nutrition, managing over 5 plant-based chef training as well Taoism teachings, I've also learned a lot about longevity from my teacher and friend Ben Richards from Seeds of Life. I've put all this into practice with self-experimentation and self-study. Now I am in the best shape of my life with a tonne of energy. I've seen the hugely beneficial effects of these practices over and over again. Now I want to share it with you!


Just some of what we will move into:

  • The disease of aging

  • ​The science behind the most popular diets

  • ​The power of the microbiomes & how to get them on your team

  • ​The importance of PH & what it means

  • ​Sugar & carbs how do they actually impact us?

  • ​How to fast safely & effectively

  • ​Using plants to heal (herbalism)

  • ​Top superfoods for optimum health

  • ​Make choosing healthy options easy by using our simple system

  • ​Practical application of nutrition to optimize your life

  • ​F**k diets, instead chose health, fun and a high vibe lifestyle

Move through the program at your own pace, designed to build over 6 weeks.


During the program, you'll have fun homeplay that will support you to integrate and get juicy AF



Freya Savage also known as 'Madomme Money' is an international money expert.

Freya's professional finance career started over 12 years ago as a financial advisor and investment analyst working with some of the worlds most prestigious global investment firms. Freya also founded a financial literacy program for disadvantaged women.

Freya holds Bachelors of Business in Applied Finance & Economics and has completed the Certified Financial Planner CFP® program.

Freya is the creator of the worlds first Money School that combines financial education with money mindset.

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