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This program is to empower the women who weren't taught about money to become savvy smart investors.
This Program Focuses On Using The Share Market To Build Wealth And Create Passive Income.



  • Do you feel overwhelmed with when it comes to investing in the share market?

  • Do you feel a lack of interest in investing and want your money to self-grow with little effort so you can enjoy life?

  • Do you want to set yourself up for financial freedom but not exactly sure what strategy is best for you?

  • Have you been putting off investing until you have the 'time'?

  • Do you feel uneasy about the get-rich-quick promises yet at the same time have a fear that you're missing out?

  • Are you waiting until you find an investment strategy that is secure, makes sense and that you actually understand?

  • Do you rely on 'experts' or family members to look after and advise you on your financial matters?

  •  Would like to have a rounded understanding of money and finances to ask empowered questions and have educated confidence in growing wealth rather than blindly following advice?

  • Are you cautious with investing your money?

  • Have you or someone you know had a 'bad' experience with investing?

  • Do you want to just have your investments on auto-pilot with a peace-of-mind strategy in place that makes sense knowing that you're building a secure future for yourself?

I've helped hundreds of people with these exact feelings who are now building wealth in the share market with confidence and ease.

Building Secure Long-Term Wealth Gets To Be Simple

In Fact The Statistics, History & The Investment Greats All Confirm That It Needs To Be Simple

In This Program I've Combined:

12 Years Of Experience In Finance As An Investment Analyst And Financial Advisor

 4 Year University Degree In Economics & Finance


2 Years Post-Graduate In The Certification A Financial Planner (CFP) Program

Thousands Of Hours Of Research To Find The Most Effective Money Management And Investment Strategies


6 Years Teaching Financial Advisors And Newbie Investors How To Manage Investments


All this is condensed, simplified, actionable step-by-step guide for you to create and manage and grow your money.

Almost 100 Students So Far Have Enrolled In Invest Like A Queen, The Feedback Consistently Confirms That Invest Like A Queen Creates Confident Investors. Most Students Began As Novice Investors, All You Need Is A Desire To Be Independent.


My Aim Is To Give You A Condensed- To The Point- All You Need To Know- Breakdown- Of Statistically The Most Effective Way To Build Long-Term Wealth And Create Passive Income.


I Will Teach You How Investing Works. How To Create And Manage Your Own Investment Portfolio To Support Your Unique Desires.

You Will Understand The Why, The How, And Will Have This For The Rest Of Your Life As The Foundation Of Financial Freedom For Yourself.

This Is For Those Who Who Want To Understand How To Invest Without All The Unnecessary Complexity And Ego.

This Is My Best Selling Program And For Good Reason.


I Will Teach You How To Be An Empowered Wealthy Woman.

I used to believe that being wealthy was either something you were born into, graced with or had to be incredibly talented and work hard to get.

I was neither born into wealth or graced with a wealthy 'know how', so I chose to study and work hard at creating & understanding wealth.


A few years into my finance career I created a financial plan for myself and calculated that I could retire within 15 years if I invested in the share-market consistently starting from right now. 


I started right away, but a few years later I left the corporate world to start my own business.


I decided rather than sacrificing 15 years of my life, it truely felt like a sacrifice, I would have it all , freedom and wealth.

I now carry priceless information on how to create wealth that very little people know and the people who do know often have an agenda- to push investment products- I don't.

I promised myself to pass on this information to women (men are allowed too) so they too could create limitless secure wealth that is essential in supporting personal independence and freedom.

The things I now know are pretty incredible and are truely inspiring, it still creates awe in me after a decade of knowing this, this is because virtually anyone reading this can build a million dollar portfolio with as little as $50 per week.

A million dollar portfolio provides an average of $90,000 each year in income and growth, forever!


Imagine having a salary come in every year on top of whatever other income you have, but you don't need to trade time for it or rely on anyone else to provide it to you.

If you let that $50p/w portfolio grow it will be worth more than $3,000,000 in half a lifetime.

This is using conservative and very achievable returns with the investment steps I teach in this program.


You don't need to be a 'numbers person' to quickly see how powerful compound interest is, I will teach you how to capitalise on this. This is The Most Effective Investment Strategy that is virtually untouched by the average investor.

Unfortunately most people lose money over the long-term when investing because they don't have an investment philosophy, they very little knowledge on foundational investment principles and they over-complicate things, complexity is costly.


 In this program you will have clarity on what kind of future you can create for yourself, and how to actually do it.


The way I invest has a 99% guarantee of making money based on over 100 years of data, that's a true investment, one that you can essentially guarantee!

Knowing and implementing what I teach will change your life. To have independent financial wealth means you are no longer limited by money. It means you can explore more of who you are and support the people and projects that matter to you.

This Feels So Important To Share, Especially Now, In A Time Where It Becomes A Priority For Independence And Sovereignty. 

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The Details 

What you'll learn from this program

  • How to grow wealth in a simple, easy & effective way

  • The fundamentals of the share market & investment markets

  • You'll build your own investment strategy as we go along

  • Investing ethically, how to do it and get great returns

  • How the economy works & what you need to know about it

  • How often & how much to invest

  • How to earn passive income year in and year out from your assets

  • The different type of assets and understand which ones suit you

  • How to make your money work for you

  • How to grow small investments into huge portfolios

  • The power of compound interest

  • Understand how to invest in a low cost, low time, effective way

  • How to truely diversify to reduce risk without forgoing returns


When you sign up you will receive right away

  • 12 bite sized modules starting from foundational principles, all the way to the implementation of a very professional and effective portfolio for yourself.

  • An investment strategy worksheet to build your own strategy as we move through the program

  • Access to course updates and additional modules forever

  • Access to the Invest Like A Queen facebook group where you can ask me and alumni students anything, forever.

  • Steps to put all this into action so you can build your own share portfolio right away

  • Bonus: training pre-work to get you primed and ready to build your wealth

  • Bonus: Increase your income masterclass

  • Bonus: Financial goal & vision setting

  • Bonus: Access to past Q&A's and all future Q&A's

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be good with numbers?
Absolutely not. No math or numbers skill is required to invest like a queen.


I'm busy and don't have a lot time to put aside to study or implement, will this still be valuable for me?

Yes! This program is made for you. Each module can be listened to on the go and is purposely created into short bite sized pieces that you can start to implement write away. This is a program that you'll be able to apply in your life so you can automate and simplify your wealth. This will give you more time and ease when it comes to finances.


I don't have a huge surplus or much saved up, should I wait until I have more money?

No! Starting now is what is really the secret to creating huge amounts of wealth with little input. As little as $50p/w can mean millions of dollars in the years to come. 


I'm slow at completing programs and like to go back over things, is this still useful for me?

This program is made so you can take it at your own pace, some people complete it in a few days, others in a few months, you know what works best for you! You have the program for life so you can refresh your memory whenever you desire.

Do you guarantee results?

I guarantee that by the end of the program you will know how to confidently build and manage your own investment portfolio. I do not control the investment market and cannot make predictions but I can teach you how to understand and manage risk and create a portfolio that is one of the most stable and effective ways to manage wealth.

Can men do this program?

Yes, while I speak to women, investing is relevant if you are a human of any gender wanting financial freedom. Many men are proud alumni of Invest Like A Queen. 

How do I know you're a knowledgable and trustful source to get my investment education from?

This is a question you should always ask, especially with something as delicate as money. I worked as a financial advisor and investment analysts for 10 years, I hold a Bach Business with a major in Economics and Finance, and I also completed the Certified Financial Planner post graduate program (CFP). I created financial education for financial advisors and the investors of Australian retirement funds. I also founded a financially literacy program for disadvantaged women. I've worked with hundreds of clients to educate, strategise and manage their finances. Importantly I teach you the way I manage my own investments.

Who this program is & is not for.
This is for anyone who wants to grow their wealth & passive income. For anyone who wants to be financially free. For anyone who wants to understand money & financial markets so that they can use them to build financial security. 
If you want to do it the simple, easy, low cost, low effort way, using solid financial education & proven strategies then this is for you.
And what I'll also be covering:
  • How to automate & simplify financial wealth
  • Forever investment strategies that have always worked and will work no matter what happens to currency
  • The different types of assets and their characteristics including property, crypto and cash 
  • Which systems & platforms I use for investing around the world
  • How to reduce time managing your investments
  • How to 99% guarantee your investment returns
  • Build out your own investment strategy planned out in detail

Plus you get all of this when you join!

Invest like a Queen Pre-Work Bonus

Pre-work to start growing your wealth straight away

Bonus's to help you get clear on your life vision & intention 

Close the gap between where you are right now vs where you want to be

Bonus Invest Like a Queen Q&A

Access to all past investment Q&A's

Recorded Implementation Q&A follow up

Access to all the weekly trainings for life

Bonus Access to Invest Like a Queen Group for LIFE

Life time access to the ILAQ investment group where you can post your investment questions FOREVER

Get access to bonus trainings for life

As we update the program you'll also receive all the new updates so this will never get old

Be part of an investment community that are also growing their wealth the simple & effective way

Bonus financial goal & vision setting training

Bonus training on how to tap into your vision & create clear tangible financial goals

With clear goals you'll understand why you're investing & how much to invest

Invest Like A Queen Breakdown

The School of Money is one program made up of three courses. The courses are Invest Like A Queen, School of Money- Financial Roadmap, School of Money- Your Relationship. 

Let's take a look at what is inside each course:


Module 2

Be an investor, not a gambler
In this module you will learn the difference between 'betting' and investing.


  • The few simple strategies needed be an investor rather than a gambler

  • How to safely invest using averages

  • Never need to guess or take chances with your money

Monitoring market fluctuations

Module 1

You're In
This module contains the introduction of how the program works and bonus masterclasses on goal settings and income


  • How to move through the program

  • Understand your current relationship with money

  • Get clarity on where you are financially

  • Uncover your values and financial goals

  • Strategies to increase your income

  • Investment terminology guide

Module 3

How to become a Millionaire air with $100 a week
In this module you will learn how you can build 


  • The few simple strategies needed be an investor rather than a gambler

  • How to safely invest using averages

  • Never need to guess or take chances with your money

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