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"Launch It" Worksheet

Hi Darling!

I'm so excited that you've found your way here, but I'm not surprised at all because you've always known you have a something powerful to share with the world, and that something is... you!


The 9 days "Launch It" program is an epic free training that will support you in getting rich AF from your soul message.

I've put together some pre-work as well as some fun home-play to work through during the training, you'll find this all in the 'Launch It' worksheet.

To register for the training follow these simple steps:

1) Request to join the group Wealth Rebels with a Cause if you haven't already. You'll find the clickable link in the comments of this event.


2) Receive the pre-work worksheet in your inbox by entering in your details below

3) Do the Pre-Work in the worksheet BEFORE Tuesday.

4) Put the training times & dates in your calendar.  Each session will go for around 10-15mins so make sure you tune in to ask questions & participate.

5) Show up, be present, remove distractions, bring a note pad & pen and get ready to launch your message into money.

Tuesday 11 th 10:30am
Wednesday.12th 10:30am
Thursday 13th 10:30am
Friday 14th 10:30am
Saturday 15th 10:30am
Sunday 16th 10:30am
Monday 17th 10:30am
Tuesday 18th 10:30am
Wednesday 19th 10:30am

To receive the worksheet just type in your details below and it will be emailed to you automatically. 

Get the 'Launch It' Worksheet

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