Super money genius live masterclass


I'm going to reveal

A healthy money mindset teamed with investment education and aligned action is the winning recipe to EVERYTHING you've ever desired.

I’ll share money management strategies, the money mind set stuff & the top practical money education practices you need to know....this is based on what I learned working in finance for 10 years & my own success in creating a stream of money and wealth based on 'deciding'. 

Here is some of what we will be working through on the masterclass together:

  • How your beliefs create your reality & how to uncover your own money beliefs

  • Why you need to have your mind & emotions on board to become wealthy & live life on your terms

  • The secret rules to calling in wealth through manifestation that is not commonly shared 

  • The truth about the personality of money (yes it has a personality) and how to get it to want to hang out with you

  • The one thing that is more people knew they wouldn't give up 

  • The three top money management practices you need to be doing to effectively manage your money.

  • Manage your income so you have enough for now while also for the future WITHOUT a budget

  • How you can build $3million investment portfolio with just $50 p.w which will give you a passive income of $120,000 every year through basic investment fundamentals

This masterclass is for anyone who wants to have a better relationship with money.

So what’s the catch? This masterclass is totally free. But I do hope that you’ll get something out of it & will want to continue a long relationship together. At the end of the masterclass, I’ll make a special offer that is only available to people who watch it to the end.

IMPORTANT: because this masterclass is 100% Live and I use Zoom which holds only 100 participants..

That is less than 0.1% seats available to everyone I’m showing this ad to, so as soon as it’s full it’s being closed places are seriously limited...


The early bird gets the money bag so to speak

meet freya

I’m for freedom, for creating my own rules, for living life based on the road map that was in-built in me shown by my true desires.

I’m for a life that leads to the full expression of all of us.


Where abundance & riches support us to be the truest and largest version of ourselves, because it is our right to receive and to give generously, to experience the fruits of this world and to plant seeds so creation can cycle and grow.

I call in the tools of money mindset, income generation, money management & investment education to support me and my clients.

I was in financial advice for 10 years, I worked as a senior advisor as well as an investment analyst. I created investment education for advisers and also founded a financial literacy program for disadvantaged women.


​I now support women and couples to create the abundant, joyful & rich life they were born to have. I have a Bachelors of Business in applied Finance & Economics and have completed the Certified Financial Planner CFP® program.

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