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Money Genius

They don't teach you this shit in school

starts feb 2

Master your business, finances & health

Experience ultimate fulfilment in your life as you take your business or side hustle to the next level with physical health and finances at Goddess Business Mastery. This 5-day immersive program is designed to help you reclaim your vitality to show up in the world with ease, abundance & value.  Learn tools that create lasting changes and fulfilment in life, and empower yourself with insights from advanced instructors in business, finance, health and wellbeing.

This isn’t just another health retreat – it’s an opportunity to tap into your personal power & impact the world. 

At Goddess Business Mastery, restore your body’s natural vitality and balance as you participate in a health retreat and raw detox program. Packed with nutrient-rich vegetable and fruit juices, superfoods and raw foods, in just days you will cleanse your body of unwanted toxins and restore vital nutrients to reclaim your energy and enhance mental your processing. Simultaneously, enhance your health knowledge through expert advice, yoga, meditation, fasting and reflective exercises to extract the fountain of infinity you have inside you to lead a purposeful business and importantly live a fulfilled life. 




Why didn't we learn how to invest, manage our money, and learn how to build passive income at school?

Let's be honest if we did learn it in school it would probably have been boring AF and we wouldn't have remembered it anyway. 

While we have innate pool of infinite resource and knowledge inside of us just bursting to come out. How to set up an investment portfolio, or how to manage cash flow just ain't intuitive. 

I sure as hell know about the finance stuff. It didn't come from a few books. It came from 10 years of experience, 6 years of study, and a heap of self experimenting. In fact I taught other financial advisers about investment, and I've taught hundreds of people how to manage cash flow in a tangible way that actually works. This shit works, but sorry to say it's not intuitive. 

I'm own a mission to teach the world how to manage their own money.

So you can answer your own questions, so you are empowered & connected to your money.

I've put together something so powerful that money will FLOW to you.


You'll turn on that money tap and know exactly what to do with it.


You'll make even more money taps.


I can actually see all the money taps right now filling up the room you're in.

The course will go over 4 weeks at a ridiculous price of $599. Something my elite one-on-one clients pay over $10,000 pa. for.

**Just dropped** I've just slashed the price for Money Genius to $430 for 1 week only then it's going back to $599. This is seriously amazing value!

You will shift your money mindset, increase cash flow and learn how to invest. 

I've worked with the most well known fund managers in the world. I can tell you what's total bullshit and what is the truth, no alignments, no selling, just the truth.


The real difference between RICH and STRUGGLE TOWN is.... NOT how much you earn, it's what you do with it, and your ability to work with mindset to bring more in.

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Over 4 weeks we will deep dive together in trainings in which we will lay down your money genius foundation and the weeks focus.

It will look like this:

Week 1- We go in, we diagnosis, and we CLEAN it out. 

Week 2-  We create a destination, not based on logic, but on HEART.

Week 3- We automate that which can be automated so we have space to create. We take aligned action. 

Week 4- We work through the investments that will support you and those that won't, importantly HOW to actually do it.

You get to do the sessions in your own time, but remember to do it every week to set yourself up for success. All sessions include homeplay for you do each week.

Ready? Your inner Money Genius is.

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