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starts feb 2

Blow the roof off your money IQ

This is for women who are ready to be financially independent.

Who want the best for themselves. 

Who are ready to have cash in the bank and investments growing.

For the ladies who are ready to sit at the table and can effortlessly talk about economic, finance and business. 

All the ladies that are free from being dictated by anyone else pulling their strings by way of dollar bills.

Free to show up as they want, free to dress as they want, free to say as they want, free to buy what they want, free to go where they want.

That’s what being financially savvy means.

It’s freedom, it’s self-empowerment, it means breaking free from the shackles of others, it means living life on your terms.

That’s a reality when you understand the fundamentals of money management and how to put it into practice.

When you understand how to support yourself financially without chasing a carrot and without just ‘getting by’


I won’t have it.

All women need to be cash rich, all women need to be building assets that will produce income, all women need to know how to value themselves and be paid well.

No more doing shit you hate. No more relying on others. No more trading all your time for money.

You’re better than that and you know it.

​​​​​​​You know you were born for a life of absolute freedom, generosity & opulence. No sacrifices.

I’m running a masterclass where you will blow the roof off your Money IQ.

This is for those who are ready to take responsibility for the financial situation and break through the preverbal celling to the next level.

This is a FREE masterclass I’m running this as a pre teaser to my new program The School of Money.

Want in?

I've worked with 100's of PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE including:


















WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT working with me

I tried to start my own business a year ago but I gave up after a month. After just 2 months of working together I have 4 clients and gave a sold-out workshop. I would have given up for sure if it wasn't for Freya. She knows intuitively where I'm struggling with. She has lived it all, and she shares her experiences, which makes me not want to give up! She really changed my money mindset and turned me into an artist. I'm making huge progress with my business, and besides that, I have never been so happy in my life, because the effect that she has on my mindset, also affects my mental state hugely, which then affects my motivation on working on my business. I love everything about her! She is fun, warm, funny, wise, and authentic! I feel very seen and I can feel the trust she has in me!

Freya made me question the things that I thought to be true about money. The way that she structures the learning, from the foundation upwards, made it really clear and easy to make actual changes to my mindset, that have helped to propel me forward. I find that finance and incomes can get messy but Freya really helped me to categorise both in my head and also my money so that I have clear goals that are meeting my values. Thanks Freya

Working with Freya is absolute gold! I have loved doing her program. She really offers such amazing high value content & service to help you be your most authentic self & of course, to realize you can makes TONS of money just by being you & showing up every day as yourself. I've also been working one-on-one with her and it has been so valuable to me as an online yoga entrepreneur to have her support as I navigate things like creating new programs, managing my money streams, organizing my accounts, and remembering my motivation when the times get tough! Because let's face it, they do sometimes. But the biggest takeaway I've learned from Freya is that I just decide what I want, that I want to make tons of money doing something I love, serving my community, showing up & doing the work. I can't recommend Freya enough! You'll get hooked once you start working with her- so just dive in & do it!!

Working Being a novice investor, completing Freya's program has given me the basis and the knowledge to make smart investment decisions that will benefit me for life! Freya's down to earth personality and her knowledge of finance make a great combination if you're looking to gain the necessary insights to start building your wealth in a clear cut and straightforward way. I have been able to make the shift from someone with absolutely no clue about investing, to someone who is excited and looking forward to watching that compound interest grow baby grow!
Thanks for everything Freya!

I have walked away with not only knowledge on how to invest but also trust in investing. I feel confident and pretty grateful to be able to say I will be investing until I die and know how to begin to completely set up my goal in being financially free.
For any women or men that need some guidance on all things money start with Freya. I would recommend x

I had an insanely amazing experience working with Freya so much valuable information was shared. I left feeling inspired, supported and excited about my offerings, clarity on my message, how to make money without feeling like a sales dude. Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for being you.


Hi there,


I teach women how to access freedom & wealth by accessing the road map that has already been in-built into each of us with some foundational money & business strategies.

We ALL get to live the full expression of all of us & be wealthy AF.

For over 10 years I worked as a financial advisor and investment analyst and also founded a financial literacy program for disadvantaged women.

I have a Bachelors of Business in Applied Finance & Economics and have completed the Certified Financial Planner CFP® program, plus a tonne of other certifications in the health & wellness.

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