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Congratulations on up-levelling your money management game!

I've got you covered in this mini (less than 30mins) and very effective money management masterclass.

I've also sent you the bonus worksheet with 5 ways to make $2,000 in 5mins, which is a match made in heaven with this fresh coconuts & sunshine...

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I have a super special offer for you to join my 12-week money Bootcamp program Automatic Money Bags TODAY ONLY.

This Bootcamp will move through the simple & fundamental money steps you need to know in order to be rich.....It has nothing to do with buying less coffees and has everything to do with being purposeful & automatic with your money systems.
Think silky smooth cash flow, holidays, a beautiful home, not being afraid of credit card statements, a retirement fund that is actually going fund your retirement, shit I'll even teach you about life insurance and using investments to support the way you want to live.

But this will not be boring, imagine this information being downloaded while you watch money give you a lap dance, while you enjoy the best smoothie bowl of your life, that's pretty much what this Bootcamp is like.


Here is some of what you'll be learning in the bootcamp:​

  • Managing money in relationships so both partners feel financially safe, so you can get on with nurturing the relationship & making love

  • What is life insurance, do you need it? and if you do need it how to even get it?

  • Cash flow that is so smooth & silky so you can spend today and know you're investing for the future too.

  • How to estimate when you will achieve your goals so you can actually see if & when it’s possible

  • How you can always have enough for travel, weddings, gifts, programs... before it’s time to pay

  • How to pay off your debt quickly while still investing

  • How to manage your credit rating & why it's important

  • Understand investing for you and what type of options are available

  • Knowing the facts around property so you can make a calculated decision if you should you buy or rent.

  • Know the answer to questions like should you pay off your mortgage quicker or invest in something else.

  • How you can buy your dream home and how to make an action plan now

  • Case stories from when I worked as a financial advisor, I'll share what worked & what didn’t work

  • Weekly trainings, that are yours to keep for life

  • Weekly homework to actually put this stuff into action so you can START now

  • Bonus training pre-work to get you primed and ready 

  • Bonus training on managing cash flow for a business

  • Bonus money manifestation 3 part program

  • Bonus access to me during the training for Q&A through the membership platform

  • Bonus 3 months access to my private group mentorship the Wolf Pack

  • Bonus follow up implementation Live group Q&A 1 month after the program has finished so you can have time to implement everything and then follow up with me any roadblocks or questions you hit.

Who this program is & is not for.
This is for people who are earning an income, although we will briefly cover ways to increase your income now & I will be teaching how to invest in ways that give you a passive income in the future, but you will need to be earning an income right now to actually put most of the steps into place that we will be working through. You don't have to be earning a lot! But you need to have something coming in otherwise we don't have anything to work with (Check out Unshakable or reach out to me directly if you would like to focus on increasing your income first).
This is for those want to understand & automate their finances so they can enjoy life right now as well as setting themselves up for the future.

Do you need to be Australian?

This program will have around 20% Australian specific concepts, including superannuation funds, assets like investment bonds, tax & insurances. These areas are not relevant to some countries. However, I will speak to the broader concepts too which will translate to retirement, reducing tax, & having your income covered. 

And what I'll also be covering by special request from my community is:
Robust & simple money management strategies that you can automate
What to actually listen to when building wealth & what is just BS noise
Which systems & platforms I use for managing my money & investing (I'm not affiliated with any financial company, this is literally what I use)
How much time to devote to managing your money
How to easily set up everything so it runs smoothly & you don't need to spend time on it in the future
Ways to reach your financial goals quicker 

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You know that you are actually the type of person that has investments, has cash in the bank, pays off your debts, and saves for the future. But you just haven’t quite got there yet, maybe because you’re not earning enough yet, or because you haven’t dedicated the time to understanding & setting it all up, or because you don't really know where to start and just honestly can't be f'd.

But deep down you know that you are actually ready to get your money shit together, but you keep pushing it back because it feels a little overwhelming and you don’t actually even know where to start.

Money management may seem confusing, and many of the books & stuff online is confusing AF. But there is a way that is simple, effective, easy & even enjoyable.


There is something so satisfying knowing that your adulting AF in the money world which gives more space for the chaos & playing in the rest of life!

The word money management is even a little misleading because once you know this stuff it literally involves very little 'management', more like a glimpse every now and again usually to admire the mechanics and results of it all. 

If you plan on being rich your money needs to sorted, automated & directed. There is no way around it.

If you don’t think rich is possible for you.....I’m calling BS. Rich is accessible for everyone reading this, it doesn’t matter how much you earn, it doesn’t matter what your financial education or understanding is, it doesn’t matter how old you are.


You get to be financially independent too.

In this Bootcamp, I teach you how to manage your money simply & effectively.


You will not be overwhelmed with a million steps or fancy terms.


This is a basic, step-by-step simple guide that will drill down into the practical 'how' to automate your money so you can enjoy your life right now while setting yourself up for the future.

This Bootcamp is 90% on the fundamental & practical pieces of money management and 10% on mindset.


In reality, getting rich is 90% mindset & 10% decent money management, but you need both of it to make it work. I do run other programs on money mindset, this is not that program.

This is the hard, solid & practical financial education steps you need to know.


It doesn't matter how much money you make, you’re going to need to know how to manage it & make it grow so you don’t have to work for money anymore.

You don’t even need to have excellent money management systems to be rich, but you do need to have the basics down and have shit automated.


In this Bootcamp, we will work through the systems together so you can set it all up as we move along. This means spending less time & less worry about managing your money.

I literally spend no more than an hour every month managing my money & I even have a business! I have everything set up so I don’t need to do much at all.

In this Bootcamp I want to show you how to spend less time on your finances & get greater results.

I want to teach you how to manage your cash flow without using a budget or tracking anything...


But so you never have to feel guilty about spending money on lunch...


So you always have enough to buy presents & go on holiday...


So that you understand debt & how you can reduce it by paying as little as possible while still investing...


Yes investing, I want to show you how it’s possible to invest with as little as $12 a week and have $800,000 at retirement....

I want you to understand the difference financially between renting & buying....

I want you to be able to buy your dream home or investment property...

I want you to understand what retirement fund your in & how to choose one that suits you....


I want you to even understand life insurances & if you need them & how to choose them....

I want you to have a plan for your estate, yes death, I want to think about where you want to leave your legacy....

I want you to be able to have conversations with your partner & family about money...

I want you to be empowered and develop a transparent and fair system for managing money in a relationship, I even want you to plan for what it would look like if the dynamic ended...

I want you to have the hard conversations about money now, so in the future, if your heart is hurting you can focus on healing yourself rather than fighting over assets...

I want you to see that what you dream of is possible...


I want you to see the steps on how you can start taking action on it today....

I want you to achieve your dream life, rather than it just being a dream that seems further & further away...

I want you to feel safe & free....

I want you to see that freedom & financial independence is possible for you no matter where you are right now. If this is what you want for you too....


Then sign up now for Automatic Money Bags 12 week Bootcamp. For this super special one time offer. Use the code MONEYBAGS at checkout.

Plus you get all of this when you join!

Automatic Money Bags Pre-Work Bonus
Pre-work to start growing your wealth straight away
Bonus's to help you get clear on your life vision & intention 
Close the gap between where you are right now vs where you want to be

Bonus 3 months access to my monthly group mentorship
Actually, more than 3 months access to the Wolf Pack because I'll give you access as soon as you sign up plus 3 months from the start of the bootcamp.
Access to monthly live trainings, masterclasses and workshops on money, business & purpose
Opportunity to be hot seated in a coaching session
Weekly journal prompts & access to me in the group
Access to a high energy community of soul led creators

Bonus Automatic Money Bags Live Q&A

Follow on LIVE Q&A implementation after the program

Access to the replay of the Q&A 

Access to all the weekly trainings for life

Access to me during the bootcamp

Ask me anything in the membership porthole, I'm there to support you along the way

Bonus Money Manifestation 3 part program
Pre-work to start growing your wealth straight away
Bonus's to help you get clear on your life vision & intention 
Close the gap between where you are right now vs where you want to be

Bonus training manage your business income like a pro
Pre-work to start growing your wealth straight away
Bonus's to help you get clear on your life vision & intention 
Close the gap between where you are right now vs where you want to be

Hours of high-quality content for you to keep forever
Access to hours of videos, trainnings, homeplay & worksheets
You'll be able to access this forever, it's yours to keep

Still unsure? It's pretty simple, you either want to know how to be money smart and automate your financial independence in a low cost, simple & effective way....or you don't.

They definitely don't teach you this shit at school, but I will XX

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