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  • Freya Savage

1800 phone god

In just a moment turned my life upside down. My whole environment, my man, my home, was going to be taken. Just like that. I had 48 hours to come up with a solution to a situation that was so cloudy, so many unknowns, with what felt like no way out. It was clear that if I didn't do anything and followed the script of what was laid out, I would loose everything. I couldn't see any other doors. So I prayed. Then I was sent a cookie crumb. I could have easily missed it. It almost slipped out of my hands, but I was sure this was god opening a door because I had phoned. I practiced being aware to hear every opening, they were subtle, and I followed them all. Sometimes I felt courageous, but most of the time I was really scared. I learnt to keep choosing faith over fear. I did all the things I teach and even the things that I roll my eyes at. You name it, I did it. I prayed- I literally got down on my knees and begged god to let me stay. I followed every hunch that came my way and took it. I visualised walking along the beach again. I practiced feeling free by watching a child climb a tree and imaging that I was him, I kept bringing that feeling back into my body. I asked for help from family and close friends. I affirmed that I have access to gods bank of infinite resources, and they showed up as god. I kept my mouth shut to everyone else so I didn't make it bigger and more dramatic. I let myself cry, a lot. I forgave myself for being unaware in the moment where I offended. I forgave the others who had authority over me. I practiced loving them, and I did love them. I looked at each one and whispered 'I love you'. I acted as if I was coming home. I put out the wooden bowl out to dry in the morning sun as I often do, I made a new pot of tonic to drink that night, I didn't pack my bags, I didn't prepare for the worst, I prepared for what I knew was mine. I decided that it was not time to leave and demanded, humbly, from god that this is my rightful home, and this is where I belong. I continued on with my life, I went to the gym, I had a client session, I made love, I washed the dishes, I went to the art supply store, even though it felt surreal and out of body, I acted in faith as if my life continues this way in harmony. In these situations where the 'punishment' far outweighs the 'crime' is easy to feel like I did something 'wrong' in life. I now sit here reminded myself that there is no 'punishment', it might feel that way, but life is a mirror, karma is a mirror. It's not there to punish us or make us suffer but to help us transcend. To remind us of the divine laws, if something comes in that disturbs us it's because we have broken a universal law at some stage and now it reflects back to us. It may be from this life or from a previous life. But karma can be cleaned, with forgiveness and divine love, it trumps the law of karma. Divine love is coming back home to the ocean. We are a cup of water scooped out of the ocean, when we break a universal law, a drop of lemon is added to it, and eventually makes it sour. But when we return the cup of water back into the ocean the drops of lemon become obsolete in an infinite ocean. That is the power of divine love, it clears everything. There is no good or bad, wrong or right, only one force, the force of god. You can never do anything 'wrong', we are perfect in the eyes of god, the law is what feels like punishment, but it's only a mirror and there to bring us home. And I'm home where I belong. I'm opening my calendar to book in a free online power session with me to unfold your path to opulence, wealth, creative genius, health & relationships as vehicles to self-actualisation. You can book in here.

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