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21 Days of Fasting

It feels so long since I've written to you. I was called to pull back, to internalize, to clean out to make space for the grandness to be allowed in.

The masculine in me resisted, or perhaps it's the wounded masculine that needs to 'do' to prove worthiness. 

That voice was like "it's January 2020, it's time to buckle down, to go for it".

I know that voice well, and although it has served me, I'm giving the mic to my soul.

I sat, I meditated and contemplated. Soul, what do you want?

She said (yes, my soul is a she) 'if you want to go deeper; if you want to create more than the imagination limits you to, you must feel all your feelings, you must surrender, release and clean'.

The fear in me was like 'to make more money you'll need to do more, not less!'

Nope, not a belief that serves me.

So other than working with my private clients, I totally pulled back to move forward.

In that, I was also called to do a fast. Fasting on juice first, now coconuts, then water, then dry, and back around.

OMG was there fear in that! The lack mentality came out 'you're in Ubud, the place with the most amazing food, you'll miss out if you don't eat it!'

Well, I've been fasting for 11 days and planning on continuing until 21 days pass. Is it easy? Sometimes it's really hard, but then I DECIDE it's easy and it's easy again.

Why am I fasting?

The physical body carries all the emotional remembering. It's not separate. You can't do all the emotional work and then eat a bag of chips and expect it not to impact your emotions. You can't eat super clean food and run around screaming how busy you are and expect your body to be vibrant.

Do you know what I'm saying? 

Clean it out, my friends.

PS - I'm feeling inspired to do a week-long online training on fasting. If you'd like to do a fast to clean out some of your emotional and physical baggage let me know so I can keep you updated xxx

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