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5 of manyTo be an empowered highly evolved woman

To be an empowered highly evolved woman is to be committed to a path of personal evolution. To be dedicated to truth, freedom and love. To be in conscious relationship with yourself. To forgive yourself and others and ultimately see that there is and never was anything to forgive. That we always do the best we can with the foundation we have at that time. To explore the shadows. To see triggers, patterns & emotions as a gift to your own uncovering and unfolding. To integrate the darkness as well as the lightness. To know that there is great power in the dark, in the shadow. There is intelligence, wisdom and a mysticism that can only be found in the darkness. That in the darkness we are invited to see with our intuition, with our knowing, rather than our eyes. If we want to grow tall and feel the sun dance on us we are required to grow deep roots, roots cemented in the cold, dark earth. We cannot be evolved without exploring all the spectrums. A highly evolved women is committed to evolution, this is a path, not a destination. There is no end, there is no top of the mountain to mark the completion, it's a constant movement of ebs and flows, valleys and peaks. Evolving requires a refined sensitivity. Have you noticed how sensitive you are to others? How much you feel for the world? Do you feel like you're going crazy? That you are just too emotional? Welcome to the evolution, you're thawing out, you're no longer numb, you're waking up. It's uncomfortable. You are no longer able to 'push' yourself to do things you don't want to do but have managed to do them in the past on autopilot. You are no longer able to be in connection with people who gossip, who complain, who are in victim mode, you'll literally start to feel fatigued right away and won't be able to stay present. You are no longer able to repeat patters and loops unconsciously, you become aware of how it's all on repeat and it will demand you to look at your shadows and take responsibility. You might not be able to work or create no matter how much force you put on yourself. Your body will demand you take better care of it by becoming even more sensitive to food, sleep, and movement. You can't hide anymore, once evolution begins you cannot shut the door.

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