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A grain of sand can stop the entire abundance machine

Yesterday I turned 32...I was treated all day like a total Queen by friends and family... When I woke up this morning I cried because I felt so full (like literally I ate a lot of food) but more so full from all the love that was showered on me, and all the love I felt for my life and the people in it... I woke up to flowers, gifts, taken out for pancakes, deliveries were dropped off all day from friends, I had a dinner catered for my island family, more gifts, homemade food, lots of beautiful words were received... In the evening at my birthday celebration my soul sister gathered the people together for a cacao ceremony in my honour, she waited until silence had come and then delivered a fucking sermon that shook me to my core and reminded me of who I am...she started with: "Do you know who Freya is?" As I sat there aware of how self-serving all this felt, even aware of it right now as I write this, overriding it with a reminder to surrender to receive. When we surrender to receive, we receive, we cannot receive fully when in discomfort with the feeling of unworthiness. She continued on "Is she love? beauty? sex? abundance? ambition? wisdom? Is she freedom?....who is she?" She went on speaking as she looked straight into my eyes from the opposite side of the circle... At one point she asked everyone to look towards me and wish something for me before they took their first sip of cacao, I closed my eyes to fully feel all of this abundance of love, kindness, generosity that was literally being energetically shot into me...then before each sip the 20 or so people looked at me and wished again another blessing on me, and again, and again... I don't remember all the words that were spoken, but I remember how elevated I felt, when I got over my slight discomfort of receiving then I lifted even soul sister finished with.... "She is here to stir shit up" Then I was fully reminded of who I am...that grain of sand of doubt was shed... As a dear friend said last night 'one grain of sand can stop the entire machine from working' That one ounce of doubt, that once ounce of unworthiness to receive...that's the difference from being there and not being there, it doesn't matter if you are 99.99999% on the way, you're not there until it's 100%...and that 100% is a decision to have absolute unshakable faith in your worthiness to receive from a choice of identity rather than of anything you need to 'do'.

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