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Another overheard conversation at the gym on money

Early this morning I slipped into the hot pool at the gym. I would have liked to have hidden in the corner to stay invisible and shield myself from any conversation, but I had no choice other than to slide in in between two guys talking about business.

I closed my eyes, maybe they'll sense the displeasure with the noise and stop talking.


It was even better.

Suddenly one guy asks the guy with the top knob 'what's your relationship with money like?'

My eyes shoot open. But I quickly close them, I don't want to look too interested. I want to be invisible, but now I'm listening closely.

Top-knob gives the general rough recount of his past that you'd hear from 70% of the expats who live in Bali

'I worked in corporate, thought money was the 'thing', made a lot of money, was miserable. Quit my job, stopped buying things, moved to Bali, now I'm trying to build a sustainable business and chasing money again'

He probably does drop shipping or affiliate marketing I think to myself with a lot of judgment and an eye roll.

Then the other guys asks top-knob 'if you could go back 2 years ago what would you have told your younger self?'

Top-knob says 'I would have bought crypto, my life would have been a lot different'

I shoot my eyes open and get out of the hot pool immediately before I jump on him and clasp his head in between my hands and slap him a few times.

Crypto is not some guaranteed lottery...95% of investors loose money in it.

You think you can get rich quick from investing in a short period of time? You will get burnt.

These stories of friends or friends of friends who made a fuck load of money are far and in between, most people loose.

I tell you what's a winning game.

1) Focus on your art, create offers & pieces that turn you on.

2) Don't be afraid to charge well for what you're selling, and sell more than what you are.

3) Learn practical & educated money management strategies.

4) Have 3 months of expenses saved in cash for your personal expenses & business expenses.

5) Understand how to use averages that are on your side when investing, create an investment philosophy, and then invest based on that, no shooting at the hip at random unregulated financial products.

Over the last 90 years the S&P 500 has returned 9.8% pa on average, that's if you literally just sit it in the market and do nothing. You don't take it out when times are uncertain, you don't base it on geopolitics, you don't pick individual companies. You literally do nothing.

If you try and outsmart the market and take action based on any of the above, these people are called active retail investors, I call them blind-teenage-excitable-worms, get an average of 3% pa.- Ohh shit maybe I just made an acronym, BTEW, yes I like it, I'll keep it, look Tony Robbins I have some acronyms too!!-

Over 50 years if you invest $50 per week in the way I teach it gives you almost $3,000,000! That gives you a passive income of around $120,000 per year and your money keeps growing.

Building wealth is a SLOW game. But it's the only way to build sustainable wealth that will impact your life over the long-term.

You will eventually loose it if you invest with the aim to make money in the short-term.

Even in the share market 80% of investors loose money who invest this way.

BUT if you invest the way I teach you, you have 99% of making money over 15 years.

Inexperienced investors are getting totally screwed, and because you've done a program on active crypto investing that does not make you an experienced investor.

In fact I'd say you actually now have unlearning to do, you're more blind, you've lost an actual eye and now we have to do a transplant before we can get you clear again.

Investing is a small but necessary piece of the puzzle. It won't work if you don't know what you're doing & where you're going.

I teach all of this in School of Money, you create your own financial strategy.

Not just the investment piece, we do cash flow (without budgets), we plan for your lifestyle now and over the long-term, I teach you about risk management, retirement, how to buy property, when to use debt & when not to use debt, how to manage money in relationships, legal structures, estate planning. Plus we do a mindset module each week for 3 months.

We start Feb 22, you can take everything at your own pace. Click here to sign up.

Ohh and for the next 24 hours there is $500 off use the code SLOWISSEXY at checkout.

I asked students of School of Money what words they felt of when they thought of money before they started the program, here are some of them:




Anxious tightness uneducated Pressure exhausting slow

Now that we are half way through the first round of the program I asked them the same question, here were their responses:




Abundant flow trust




And they haven't even finished yet...

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