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Are disobeying soul through consistency?

All business, fitness and wealth experts will tell you consistency is key.

But doing shit just for the sake of it, to cross it off, to say you did it, is not going to get you the real results.

Yes it might get you some results, actually it will probably get you pretty damn great results, it will get the results that 99% of people would be very impressed with.

But for the 1% the results won't do...they feel empty, devoid of sensuality, empty of art....

This is where it's not enough to be consistent with your messaging, your fitness routine, investing, inner work won't give you what you really desire...

You really desire to feel free, to feel powerful, to feel like you have the world at your fingertips, to be excited by the day...but the results based from showing up each day and taking consistent action won't give you that.

Here is what will.

Consistency to soul, devoting yourself to soul, each and every moment. Not when you have the things, but right now.

Letting soul guide you. That's consistency.

It's consistency in the energetics.

It doesn't fucking matter if you post every day to magnetise clients.

It doesn't matter if you exercise every day to create the body you desire.

It doesn't matter if save every day to be wealthy.

While these actions in the physical may look consistent, it's the energy that actually creates the results, NOT the actions.

But the energy directs the actions, so it may look like consistency in the physical, but that's not where it's born.

You have to be willing to shift it when you get the call, don't be fooled into thinking it's the actions that are leading the results.

I have a framework of actions I generally take, but I disrupt it if I get the call...

A few weeks ago I had a strong message NOT to post any content, so I didn't.

It had no impact on money or client flow because consistency in the energetics is what is actually matters. Consistency in devotion to soul before 'habits'.

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