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Are you a wealth abuser?

Are you a wealth abuser?

Do you beat down, control, obsess, question, disregard the wealth you have?

You say it's not enough, you hold onto it so tightly, and you get angry when it leaves you?

Wealth is slowly creeping out the door when you're not looking because it doesn't want to hang around you.

Would you want to hang around you if you were money?

The reason why wealthy people attract more wealth is because money wants to be with them and because they invest it & allow it to grow.

They know how to treat money, they invest it & they share it...they have unwavering trust that money will always be around not because they hold it on a leash but because they respect, have fun & seek to understand money.

There is an old bible story that goes something like...there was a wealthy merchant who was going away for some time, he entrusted his treasures to 3 of his employees...

The first employee he gave 10 of his treasures, the second he gave 2, and the third he gave 1.

When he returned he called them each in to get an update on his treasures...

The first employee walked in and said

'Sir, you gave me 10 treasures, and during your time away I invested them and grew them, I have now tripled the treasures, now you have 30 ....

'very good' said the pleased Merchant.

The second employee came to see the Merchant and said

'Sir you gave me 2 treasures, many people wanted to take your treasures so I watched them carefully but I still managed to invest them in very safe investments and I've doubled your treasures, now you have 4'

'very good' said the pleased Merchant.

The third employee came to see the Merchant and said

'Sir you gave me 1 treasure because there was only one I didn't want anyone to steal it, so I buried it in the ground'

'you're fired' said the unhappy Merchant...and then he gave the treasure to the first employee who he had initially given 10 to....(by the way I'm totally appropriating the story, but you get the drift)

Life is not fair.

Wealth is not fair, love is not fair, good looks are not fair....

You are NOT born with the same amount of opportunities, wealth, love and good looks as others...that's just the way it is.

However seeing what you have from this lense, the lense that says 'I don't have enough, I wasn't given enough, and I'll never have any more than what I have right now' will have you holding on tightly to what you have, for fear that it will leave, when we are in this place it will not grow

It cannot grow...

For something to grow you need to give it space, you need to seek to understand it, you need to have faith & trust, and ultimately above all need to be separate your worth from the thing.

This will allow you to invest (educated investments only please) without all the emotional attachment that doesn't allow for the space for it to actually do it's thing & grow...

I see people starting to invest, starting to take some risk, it may even be in starting their business, or it might be there first investment in the share market, and they watch it so carefully, freaking the fuck out if the money isn't flowing in, letting that be proof that it won't work for them & then they stop way too soon and say

'I tried that once and I lost a lot of money'

But they never actually gave it space to do it's thing, they never had faith, they never really believed it would work for them, it takes time, it takes consistency, and it requires having the knowledge around the fundamentals.

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