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Are you checking with money & time rather than your dreams?

Money, is it ok to buy the goats cheese? Money, is it ok to invest in the mentor that is a big fuck yes to possibility? Money, is it ok to buy the dress that feels like I swim in an ocean of silk? Time, do I have enough to study the thing that really excites me? Time, do I have enough to sit quietly and watch the flowers? Time, do I have enough to build something incredible for myself? Most people ask time and money for permission. Most people see both as a limited, linear, dwindling & scares resource. I've noticed with myself, hundreds of clients, and thousands of conversations something about the connection with time & money. The beliefs are the same. If you feel that you are fighting against time, you also feel you are fighting against money. If you feel like you never seem to have enough money, you also never seem to have enough time. Because it's actually not about the time or the money. Time and money are just constructs, they are both illusionary, which also makes them both anything you decide that they are. Have you ever felt that time was moving so slow? It's because of your perception, it was your own doing, generally unconsciously. Think about the last time you did a high intensity workout, 30seconds all of a sudden feels like a life time. You did that. Imagine if you could start to consciously access the ability to slow down or speed up time. You could do what is seemingly impossible without it 'taking time' and get the result instantaneously. But this is not possible where you live in a world where you check with time before you check with your dreams. This is not possible when you are focused on achieving incremental results in the same way you've created them in the past adding time into the equation. This is what makes things difficult, slow, draining, grinding. This is what stops people from walking towards their dreams because they are not prepared to do the 'work' and they don't consider the possibility of collapsing time where in a way they 'bypass' the 'work'. No it's not 'cheating', it's using the abilities we were given, just like it's not cheating when you use your hands to brush your teeth. And what about money? It's the same thing. Money is available right now, an infinite amount. Just because over the last month, year, lifetime you haven't been able to call in $10,000 in a day, it doesn't mean you cannot call it in right now in this moment. Of course, it takes awareness of the limited belief, and reprogramming it, which is 'work', but it can also be instantaneous & can be as simple as a decision. Not a floppy, half-baked decision. But a full commitment, burn the boats type of decision. Decide to never say I don't have enough time or money again. Decide to start asking your dreams for direction, rather than asking time, money, or anything outside of yourself for permission.

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