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  • Freya Savage

Are you letting time block extraordinary?

If you want to live an extraordinary life you better flick timing to the wayside... "It's not the right time" is the killer of 99.9% of creative projects, love, vibrant bodies, clear minds & extraordinary lives... Timing is only everything if you actually decide that it's everything.....and if you decide it's everything then you let the external circumstances dictate your dreams... So you put them in a box under the bed, let them gather dust, and keep filling up that box, until you have more dreams than you do life experience....and life seems fairly untouched, unpenetrated by your dreams at all... Now you're in a practice of putting 'it' off, when you really know you're never going to do it, but you lie to yourself, "I'll do it tomorrow..." knowing that you probably won't... And so tomorrow ends up like yesterday... But neither exist anyway...only today invites you to paint your dream into life in this moment... Even if you don't know how or where to start... The action that you start with is irrelevant, it's starting that is what will change everything... Put what is first, first...stop letting urgency dictate your life, and do what is important... What is important? What have you been tomorrowing? Create a solid money mindset that supports your dreams....Join Rich as Fuck ....21 days to retrain your money mindset...Click here to sign up.

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