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Are you self-sabotaging wealth by thinking short term?

Wealth doesn't get built in a day.

It takes time, and when you give it time it gives you magic. Well it's not magic, it's math.

When I speak about building a pool of wealth from just $100 a week that grows into $2,200,000 people get excited.

But then I say....over 40 years.

And they say 'but I want to be financially free sooner'

So then they don't start.

They keep it all in cash, or invest like they are at a casino, or they just spend it all.

And then in 20 years they still haven't started to build anything sustainable to capitalise on compound interest, and they still say 'yes but I want it sooner' and so they don't start.

And then in 40 years they think 'I wish I started earlier'.

Today is earlier. Today is the day!!

Yes you won't get rich quick investing using solid fundamental principles, but you will get rich slowly over time, and you'll be A LOT richer than the you who doesn't do anything or tries to get rich quickly through investing in random assets.

The thing is it doesn't need to take 40 years, it takes as long as you decide it does, but it takes longer than a year. And it doesn't just happen, it takes putting in the processes now.

You might remember a friend I wrote about who built up $1,000,000 in 10 years in an investment portfolio by committed to invest a few hundred dollars a month! She now never has to worry about working for money while living in Asia at least, she's not even 40.

So it can happen sooner, depending on how committed you are.

But the magic math happens at around 15 years of consistant investing & re-investing. This is where the interest becomes greater than the total amount you put in.

Let's say over 15 years you've been putting in $100 a week, that's $72,000 in total contributions. BUT the amount of your portfolio is $156,000.

Your portfolio has done more work than you have, it's produced over $84,000 in FREE money.

But you have to give it time for it to do it's magic, this is where I teach people you invest for FOREVER.

This is why you want to invest in assets that pay an income, so you can live off the income, not have to sell your investments in order to receive money for you to live off. That's a losers game, because everyone eventually looses.

Now at this stage you could if you leave it in there and keep investing it starts to extrapolate at an incredible rate, that 'FREE' money grows faster and faster.

Until by year 40 the FREE money is over $2,000,000 & you haven't even contributed $200,000.

Now that's a great return!

And it's using the averages, not trying to beat the averages (because again you will eventually loose).

BUT it takes consistancy.

It takes delayed gratification. Are you willing to do that for your future self?

Most people can't even get their ass to the gym or stay present with a friend without looking at their phone.

I actually don't understand these people.

So I can't even empathise.

Yes it doing something for your future self, but I see the gratification in that right now, for this self.

This is what creates more solidness, stillness & presence in a person. Having this ability to zoom out.

It's not about not enjoying life right now, I'm into luxury & indulgence, in fact that's one MAJOR essense of how I live my life.

But I use my ability to increase my income for this. I don't steal it away from my future. Some for the now & some for the me later.

And if it's not enough, I decide to make more money, and I always do.

I know that I will be doing 6 figure months. BUT you don't need to be doing that to build a million dollar portfolio. You just need to invest a few hundred dollars a month.

Not in some random shit.

It's really that simple, you don't need to sacrifice to build wealth, you are actually sabotaging by not doing it.

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