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Automate money not your soul

There are the things in life you want to automated like your car windows and your wealth management.

Then there are the things in life you want total freedom and creation in because it's the process that's actually the outcome.

Like listening to the entire song not just the final note.

Like making love, not just the orgasm.

Like the entire art of you being you, and as a by-product, you get to make money from it.

To automate yourself and turn yourself into an already planned out process in order to make money will never lead to freedom and real wealth. It's a lie, there is no holy grail moment where you make it and THEN you can be free to be yourself.

It's a decision to claim your freedom to be you now, in all the expressions. To claim the process and ask in each moment what the moment will have you do.

But then there are the things you want to automate, that you need to automate, that only work if you automate them. Your finances.

And in fact by automating your finances you have more space to focus on the art of being you, to breath into the entire song and each note in the song. No need to rush through it to get an outcome because the outcome has already been automated.

You separate wealth & money from you being you.

With that you no longer need to manipulate & contort yourself to bring in wealth. Because one is separate from the other.

Most people have no idea how to manage their finances, we were never taught it, it doesn't matter how intelligent you are, this is not stuff that is intuitive.

If you want freedom and you want wealth you need to know how to manage & grow money, there is no way around it.

If you want freedom and you want wealth you need to have the confidence and knowing to be unapologetically you.

You cannot have wealth & freedom without both of these aspects.

This is why I launched School of Money- combination of practical money management & money mindset.

This is a deep dive into EVERYTHING money, how to make it, how to manage it, how to make love to it, how to keep it around.

We go live in December and you'll access to the community, workshops & coaching calls right now. Click here to find out more.

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