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Automatically Confident

What if you just innately had confidence in yourself? What if you didn't doubt every move? Every outcome? What if you automatically knew that 'success' was waiting for you? That you just expected it, that it was like the sun coming up each day, it wasn't even a question, it just was. But instead, you say 'I'll be confident once I get the result'. So to stay safe you keep doing the same shit you did yesterday because you know it well, so you stay safe & wait to have the confidence to do what you know you really MUST do. Then when you finally get a rare wave of motivation to do something new; The anxiety and doubt soon rises. That sinking feeling in the gut starts to bubble. 'I'll try' you say, already doubting yourself before you take the first step. But you know that 'trying' in itself is setting you up to fall short, and you know that because you don't really believe you can. You might take all the action steps, but they are based on the belief that it will fail, but at least you can say 'well I followed all the steps' and I 'tried'. Fuck that. What if we believed that we had the ability to create whatever we imagined? That if we can imagine it, we can create it. What we wake up with the sun we automatically felt the possibility of the new day. That we upgraded each morning with the sunrise. That we didn't need to 'try' that we just 'knew' that of course, it's possible, of course, we can. That instead of remembering the times it fell short, and said 'see I knew it wouldn't work' We remembered the times we achieved what we wanted. We remembered all the times' that beautiful things, people & experiences came into our life when we didn't even 'try'. That we automatically attract what we desired, that we automatically are an energetic match for it, that know we worthy, that it is our right to be prosperous. That when we take action from this energy, we might even forget what we were going after because we were are so much fun, and then we remembered that it was never about the 'thing' anyway, but the 'thing' is the medium for play, for expression, for creation and for life itself.

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