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What if illness was seen instead of a set back, as an upgrade?

The body stores everything. Emotion itself is the body feeling.

To disregard our emotions can mean there is no opportunity for the energy of that emotion to be released so it becomes stored in the body. Stiffness in the body could be a sign.

On the other side of the pole when we allow ourselves to identify with our emotions and become completely saturated by them we might be releasing them but can taken through a war like drama each time since we are expressing them and that has an impact on everything around us.

Two nights ago I had one of those restless nights, where it seems as if no sleep came at all, but one cannot be sure since it was all a bit of a blur. I had hot sweats and nasuase.

They day before I had a huge wave of fear come over me around safety and security- my kryptonite.

The day before that I did an intestinal cleanse and released 2kg worth of old junk that had likely been there for decades.

I have had enough space to contemplate changes in the body to know that the body is always responding, that it's not that there is something 'wrong' with the body, that in fact it's a perfect system.

When a big emotion is felt shortly after I will get 'sick', this is the body releasing so it doesn't get stored, because I've started to give it the space to do so.

When I have had an awakening of some kind I will also have a physical reaction, night sweats, or flu like symptoms. Dr Joe Dispenza sees this often after his events, when students will complain of being ill, he explains that when we increase our frequency (which he measures) some cells are still vibrating at the lower frequency and this incongruence causes disruption and internal friction in the body, shortly the cells will catch up and we will find yourself at a heightened state physically and emotionally.

What if we started to see that when we get ill it's actually beneficial, it's the body eliminating or it's the body upgrading- or both.

And what about if we took that into all areas of life, as above, so below, that when their is disturbance, friction, pressure, we saw it as being for us- to shape us into who we truely are and to help us onto our specific path by putting obstacles in our way.

I've said this before and I'll continue to say it, I don't know if life is benevolent, but I'm pretty certain that it is a reflector, so if we choose to live life in this way it will reflect it back to us.

And if I'm wrong about that too, it still makes circumstances easier to accept and calms the central nervous system since we feel like life is on our side allowing us to be more present and that in itself will wildly improve the satisfaction of life and the relationship to everything in it.

Becoming financially wealthy is like lifting weights, it doesn't get easier, since the goals get bigger, but it does get more effortless and you do get better at it. Oh and the resting bitch face falls away.

In 4 days we start Cosmic Direction, to close of 2021 with contemplation, integration and celebration, to connect with your purpose- the one of being, to open up the roadmap the universal intelligence has gifted you and detail your next steps for a life well lived.

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