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Be the atomic electron shark

Who do you want to be? Not because you think you have to be that way to get results. But who do you want to be at your core because that's who you know at a soul level you really are? At that place when you are that true-ist version of you, when you are in total alignment, you know the results naturally just come. Actually, at this place, this place of true expansion, the results don't even 'follow' or 'come', because that insinuates a journey, from getting from A to B. But here there is no journey from A to B. It just is. It's like the atomic electron, it 'jumps' with no continuous movement, it was at A now it's at B, it was never anywhere in between. You're made of that stuff. You think you need to wait to be 'successful'? You think you need to wait to be free? You think you need to wait to be generous? No. You've created that construct. You're subconscious has decided that it takes time, energy, effort, knowledge, to get to B. It's your subconscious that's holding you back from being the atomic atom. From deciding to be at B. In just a moment everything can change. Of course, it always does change. But what about when you DECIDE that it will change? When we stop letting the tide carry us and mould us, when we swim like a shark, focused, strong, irrespective of which way the tide is going. But now we are the atomic atom shark, the one who focuses at A and decides to appear at B. No swimming required. BUT and there is a big BUT...omg that almost had me break out in song (I like big butts but I can't deny when a girl walks in....'STOP Freya focus, you are the shark'. Don't try and hold onto the tide. Don't try and grip it with your awkward shark fins, because that water is just going to move through you. The tide will move, the outside world cannot be controlled, it cannot be tamed, don't let it distract you, thinking that to get to where you want to go the tide must change in your direction, that you need everything to be still so you can just stop and think. No. That's not how it works. The tide moves, no matter how many sharks you rally together to make a wall with your shark fins. Don't get distracted and use your energy on trying to change the tide. Focus on what's important, decide to be at B. Decide who you are. Reprogrammed is now open for enrollment. Click here for the details.

Reprogrammed is now open for enrollment. Click here for the details.

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