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Being & Doing

When I was a child I wanted a barbie doll.

On a crisp clear Autumn Saturday during a ritualistic trip to the Victoria Market with Mum, grocery shopping bags in hands and a belly full of warm frothy milk mixed with half a chocolate croissant (we often shared one) we walked into the $2 store on the way back to the car.

Ohh I loved this store with all it's colours and trinkets, I especially loved the packs of orange paper with gold painted on them. I would make cards out of them and send them to my Grandma in Adelaide. A man who lived with Mum and I (Mum would rent out the rooms to help with rent) saw the orange and gold paper and told me that the paper was burnt with dead bodies as part of a Chinese ritual.

I would also find myself drawn to the imitation barbie dolls in the $2 store, with their not quite right faces, long limbs, pale plastic skin and yellow straw hair.

These dolls even though imitations, were much more than the orange and gold paper.

I knew they were imitations, but I didn't care, I would be pleased to have one to play with.

On this day as I was turning the barbie box in my hands Mum offered to buy it for me.


I was overcome with total joy and excitement.

I continued to be obsessed with that doll, I called her Holly, or perhaps that was the name given to her. I took her everywhere.

Once I met a girl my age called Holly, the other girls teased her and told her she smelt and didn't change her underwear often enough. The other girls ran away from her and hid. I played along hiding but in very obvious places so she would find me right away and so she wouldn't feel lonely.

I kept Holly for years, the doll, not the girl, until I realised dolls were no longer cool, so I cut off her head to show my friends.

Mum said it was a pure pleasure to buy me gifts because I lit up with joy with even the smallest trinket and I wouldn't get sick of it.

My friends had real barbies, cabbage patch dolls, new clothes and proper family dinners around a table. None of this impressed them much, but it all impressed me greatly.

Because for me it was not normal, it was remarkable, it was special.

I really appreciated all of this, it felt like a huge YES to life.

But for something to be special it must be inherently unique, which comes with a comparison to what is 'regular'.

So what happens when we have enough money to buy everything we want?

What happens when we have wonderful people in our life, that we see everyday?

What happens when we have been healthy for years?

Nothing is special anymore. It all feels flat.

We become like the child with so many toys and so much attention that nothing excited us.

That's where the inner work comes in.

To choose to truely feel rich in each moment.

To train the eye, the heart and the soul to see the 'specialness' in that which is now a common occurrence in our life.

Money is nothing if you don't know how to feel wealthy.

Knowing how to feel wealthy is everything, even if you don't have money.

I really have everything, a dream home, an incredible man, health, a body that I feel great in, a business built on my own soul, all of my needs well and truely taken care of.

Care is required not to become indifferent and the balance of continuing to follow desires- not from lack but from a place of evolution.

I learnt how to manage money in finance, but I learnt how to be rich by doing the inner work.

How to taste the juice of everything around me while still evolving- not from lack but from deep desire.

As I decided to taste what was in front of me, as I decided to really feel the soul of life right now, as I focused on who I wanted to be and stepping into that...

The romantic relationship grew into something extraordinary.

Money flowed in.

Creativity poured over me.

Wisdom is a plentiful well.

Mastering the information, taking the action, and being the person is all required to live a truely wealth life.

I will be running a free masterclass next week. MONEY. I will teach you how manage your way to millions. This requires practical financial knowledge with a 'being' to hold and amplify wealth. That is what is required to 'be' a very wealth woman 'living' a very rich life.

To join simply click the link here. Make sure you confirm your subscription in your emails right away otherwise you won't receive the details.

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