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Beyond healing & beyond manifestation

When you're present you don't need to heal. In presence you don't carry anything with you.

And when you create for the sake of creating the strategy, the why & the results become obsolete.

In fact the 'strategy' to make more money from your art as the main objective of creating reduces the potential money flow. You loose connection with creativity. You loose presence because of the focus on the results.

You might as well be employed and have a boss if you're following steps that don't turn you on. Why have your own business if you don't trust yourself enough to be free to follow your own turn-on & create from your own source?

Focusing on the results is a waste of energy & focus. To take actions purely for the outcome to make money doesn't work long-term, anyone who tells you they have the perfect step-by-step strategy to help you make more money from your business is bullshit.

There is only one step, that's follow the art, follow the turn on.

Stop perfecting yourself and your creations so it's palatable.

That's how you become an imitation of what is already out there. That's how you crush your own genius. That's when a calling to 'heal' comes up.

Yes you can make money doing something based on the objective of being attractive for the masses, and it will be a filler, kind of like the albums I had in the 90's, they had 3 great songs and the rest were just to fill up the space.

You can be a space filler and people still might buy your stuff & listen to you. Some people love the surface-level step-by-step neutral stuff.

But you don't need to do it that way to make money. You get to create for the pleasure of creating. You get to throw the rule book to the way-side.

Making art is the best medicine. You realise you were never sick, that you never had any problems. Everything is solved as a by-product, because nothing actually needed to be solved or fixed in the first place.

When you just focused on creating what turns you on and being present the results come anyway and way beyond what you were trying to push out.

This is the space where you're beyond 'manifesting' because you understand that the universe provides experiences way beyond what you were trying to strive for.

And that experience is born from allowing life to live through you through creativity.

If you don't allow it out it clogs you up. Skin breakouts, poor digestion, depression, bumpy relationships, money dries up.

The invitation to live, to be present, to feel life is always here.

When the invitation is accepted everything that you thought needed to be fixed, healed, cleaned drops away.

Then when you look down to your suitcase of problems you were holding onto you see that it's actually empty, that it was all just an illusion.

There is no 'healing' required when we are present & in love with life.

There are no problems to be solved. It is presented to us through our own deep turn-on.

I'm not talking about instant gratification or satiating through instant pleasure. This is deeper that will always lead you to a more unfiltered, a more real, a sharper version of yourself.

It won't ever tell you to binge, it won't ever tell you to be fearful, it won't ever tell you someone else is wrong, it won't ever tell you to put yourself in a bath of suffering, it won't ever tell you to medicate on drugs or alcohol, it certainly won't tell you to follow someone else's steps.

No need to do shadow work, journal, meditate, to do plant medicine, to medicate. Not that these things are bad, but when present & when accepting the invitation of life they become unnecessary.

Work 8 weeks one-on-one with me & unlock the 'beyond manifestation field' within your business, health, relationships & money. DM for the details.

PS- Frankie is still missing. And I’m missing him dearly.

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