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Can you kiss like Ronald McDonald?

You're so fucking boring it kills me.

Not because you are ACTUALLY are boring, but because you're pretending to be put together & you're trying to make it happen, and all the while you were pretending and trying you became boring AF.

Today I overheard terrible advice that was something like 'you should play the same character to share with your audience'.

We're not in a fucking soap opera.

You are human, with all different sides & facades. All the rules are suffocating your craziness.

Sometimes I don't show up in the full crazy me, and this is just despicable.

I won't have it any longer!

Sure sometimes I feel a little more chilled and low key, and that's welcome too.

But it's the moments where I'm feeling like a wild grasshopper and I think 'ohh maybe I'm being too wild grasshopper-like so I'll pull back a little so I don't scare the people'

No. Not anymore.

It's way more fun to be crazy, messy & wild. And it happens to make me a lot of money as a byproduct.

Today I went hiking with some friends who bring out the crazy in me, we bumped into some other crazies, and we spent 30mins on a hill reenacting Ronald McDonald kissing (not on each other- just to be clear) and many other crazy things that are too crazy to share, so crazy that I actually cannot pluck anything concrete from my memory, other than it was...just crazy.

And I loved it. it got me so excited to be me.

Where are you boring yourself and falling asleep at your own conversations? Falling off your chair snoring at your own ideas?

Stop that shit now.

OMG and there is nothing more boring than those people who repeat the same stories about their 'problems' day in day out. You're fucking killing me, I can only imagine how bored you must be of yourself.

Stop circling the same story in your head about the same shit. It's groundhog day, expect not as entertaining as the movie.

Get to the core of your silliness and let it grow grasshopper.

PS- If you'd like me to show you how Ronald McDonald kisses I'd be happy to oblige, I wouldn't actually kiss you, I'd do it with the air. I'll probably show you anyway because I'm pretty impressed...I nailed it.

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