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Capitalism is here to stay & it's freedom

Capitalism is not over, it's here to stay.

It's not disempowering. It's the opposite, it asks you to take responsibility for yourself.

For those who’ve never managed to accumulate wealth, or did and it made their life worse (because money is a magnifier) it's easy to blame it on the system.

Yes seeing people struggle is heart breaking. And while there are systematic inequalities and it's of no fault of these people, they have been oppressed and they have no windows to climb out of it. But if you're reading this, that ain't you.

Living in luxury can seem so indulgent when these people are not even surviving.

But by you being wealthy & living in whatever form of luxury you desire is NOT taking away from anyone else.

The system that is keeping poverty in play is our own limiting understanding of wealth, and this is it:

that wealth is finite......

So we see that the only way to support those is need is to take from the rich.

But this does not elevate, it brings poverty & disempowerment to everyone.

It's kind of like this toxic women/men debate. By bringing men down, relatively it seems like women are rising, but just zoom out and you'll see that the no one is rising here, there is only a pull downwards to make it seem 'fair'.

But now the entire collective utility has decreased, and EVERYONE is worse off, because we can all feel each others shit, and while making someone else what we have felt can feel satisfying for a moment it leaves us all in the swamp.

Look at socialism in practice.

It doesn't work.

Socialism kills the human spirit. It trades freedom for security and is often ruled by tyranny. It squashes creativity.

Life is not 'fair' it's not 'equal' and to try and force it this way puts us in shackles. We don't all want the same things. The universe does not work in this way, each has it's own expression and own journey.

It's not the system that's stopping you from living life the way you want it, it's your own programming.

You're free, you always have been, and you always will be.

The only cage is the one you put yourself in.

If you're an activist, if you're into pulling down the structures outside of yourself, if you're bitching about the wealthy & the powerful, you've lost yourself, you've given up your power.

The macrocosm is a reflection of your microcosm.

Create your own freedom within and then you'll see how free you are in the world.

We create the system, it's based on our own inner world.

It's not us against them, we are one living breathing entity.

Rather than trying to take off others, create it for yourself, focus on your own path.

Stop looking at the world as broken, and start seeing yourself as whole.

When you see yourself as whole, you see the world as whole. And I'm not talking about the toxic fake 'love & light' positivity, but truly whole in all of it's forms.

While capitalism will look different in 10 years, the middle man will be gone, digital currencies will be the currency, but the essence will be the same.

By the way I'm still not saying I'd invest in crypto as an investment, I choose to invest in companies time & time again that produce tangible products & services and make profits.

But when it comes online as a stable currency it will be more like cash than an investment. That's when I'd use it.

The thing with capitalism is that those making the a tonne of money are doing so because WE the people are buying their shit.

We are the creators of capitalism, we can shape it anyway we please, it's fluid especially in the form of free markets.

Capitalism will always be here, and for those who choose to take responsibility for their world & to be empowered that is the ultimate freedom.

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