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Change your life by doing this one thing...

Feeling disappointed or not where you want to be yet is NOT going to get you where you want to be.

Yesterday I started to come down with a fever, I had about a million things planned out for the day, I felt the resistance come up to being sick.

Then I remembered that the resistance is actually what perpetuates it and shows up in the physical body. So that could mean a much more prolonged physical reaction to whatever my body was pushing out.

I cleared my schedule and climbed into bed & slept.

There was a moment where I thought maybe I'll watch Dynasty or that new Jordan documentary series. But I asked myself will this actually be nurturing for me?

The answer was a clear no. 'Be present with it & your body, no avoiding otherwise it will be suppressed'.

So I lay in bed after sleeping for a few hours and stared out the window for a few more hours. Slowly made my way out of the house to watch the sunset on the beach. Did the bare minimum for work.

Totally surrendered, decided that I was in fact upgrading and my cells had upgraded to a higher frequency and some of them hadn't caught up yet causing the fever & aches- A Dr Joe Dispenza teaching.

No googling Dengue fever- although I did consider it. I decided to not entertain any type of illness, no labels, no stories.

I woke up this morning feeling fresh. But I had also decided that if I didn't wake up feeling fresh that would be ok too.

Funnily enough, this week has been a full practice of surrendering the small stuff as a kind of an experiment.

I dropped my phone in the pool a few days ago, decided not to make a big deal about it, and if it died I decided that was totally ok....Then it came back to life.

I rented a beautiful villa and could not find the right person to move into the other room, realised it was because I was 'trying to find', so I let it go, decided it would be welcome to live there alone too......Then the day before I moved in the perfect roomie was presented who is now role-playing private chef & surrogate mother (very appropriate for when I was upgrading yesterday).

A long time ago I started to use this method in businesses. To drop all the expectations on what I thought others should do. Now when a potential reaches out to work with me and it ends up being a no it's never a loss, a yes is great and a no is also great. Both are perfect and exactly the right decision that should be made.

When we swap how we expect things to be and instead can surrender and appreciate it even if it's the 'worst case' scenario, the thing that's meant to happen will always happen.

I like to see it as the soul calling in this experiences so we can practice letting go of expectations, the soul wants to reach liberation so it needs to take us through these trainings to work on our ability to surrender.

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