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Comparison Is Idiotic

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

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How to Build and Expand Your Romantic Relationships

You don't need to justify why you feel what you feel, or why you're driven to resist, fight, create to ANYONE.

It's totally ridiculous for someone else to judge what you're feeling and compare it against people who have a more intense story of suffering to take away your right to feel the feels and do what you're being drawn to do.

We are all having our own experiences and have our own world.

Shame and guilt do not instill gratitude.

'It could be worse' does not decrease suffering, but rather increases shame and guilt for feeling the feels.

Even to ask someone 'why?' they are feeling what they are feeling is totally unnecessary and does not give more reality of justification to the humans experience.

It's your experience, no one gets to judge your pain and decide if you have a legitimate reason to feel what you're feeling.

I'm writing this because the Australian people who are expressing their frustration in lock-downs have been compared to the people of Afghan, and comparatively the Australian people are free and lucky and should shut up.

We all have a right to be truely free, prosperous, and healthy.

There are people who have been deeply repressed, victimised, abused, and who have very little opportunity to get out of poverty.

That does not mean we should lower our standards of what it means to be free, prosperous, and healthy.

In fact it's more of a reason to stand by it and demand it.

When we raise the bar for ourselves we raise it for the whole world.

Putting ourselves into suffering and struggle just because others do not equal compassion. It lowers the vibration of the entire planet.

Don't oppress your feelings and your desires because of comparison.

You get to have it all, you get to be wealthy, you get to be happy, you get to be spiritually graced and you get to have whatever your heart's desire is.

It's everyone's right.

That right has been taken away from some, this is NOT the new normal. Just because life is 'comparatively' better, this does not mean it should be treated as the new bar of ambition for humans.

The normal is that we are all free, we are all wealthy, we are all prosperous, we are all in good health, we are all in love with life. That's the normal, let's not settle for anything but that.

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