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Congratulations for not wearing a condom & getting a mortgage

Congratulations, happy birthday, sorry for your loss. All of these feel like automations, something external presses the button and we just spit out a response. Congratulations for having a baby. For getting married. For buying a house. I've said congratulations to all these things, but I don't actually mean it, it's just something that I spit out, because that's what you say. I really don't feel like any of those things call for congratulations. Having a baby really only takes having sex without a condom. Sure some people it doesn't happen naturally for and it takes a lot of work. But in general having a baby is easy. You fuck without protection, the miracle of life does the rest. Bringing that child up while be a conscious parent, supporting them to be fully expressed, that's a huge fucking congratulations. Buying a house? It's very easy to buy a house. You can borrow at 95%. A property is no indication of financial security, in fact most people don't 'own' their properties, the bank does. Most people buy under pressure: 'it's time I adult and buy my own home, all my friends own their own home' 'it's a good time to buy, interest rates are low, house prices are just going to keep going up, if I don't buy now I'll loose my chance'. NO, please don't buy a property because of these reasons. Property purchase will probably be the biggest financial decision of your life (besides having a baby). I actually want to slap most people who buy property. The average return of property in Australia is 2.1% after inflation since 1901, this doesn't even include renovations or interest payments to the bank. And Australian property has 'boomed' as the media would have you believe, the US return on property is even lower. People have been totally mislead by wonderfully clever marketing. Over a 30 year mortgage you will have paid almost equal amount in interest to the bank as the principle amount you initially borrowed. So if you bought a million dollar home, and borrowed 80% you will have paid around $1,800,000 by the end of the 30 years in todays dollars (that number will be fuck load more in future dollars, if you don't know what future and present dollars are you need to google that shit or do my program). I don't think property is a terrible investment, if you do it for emotional reasons, you want to buy your forever home, that's actually a great fucking reason to buy property. But as a financial decision? You'd be better off renting & investing the difference in the share market which has an average return of 9.8% over the last 90 years. But the thing is, most people don't have the discipline to continually invest in the share market, they end up spending the difference. So property is a great 'forced' saving for the average person who has no discipline & no understanding of the bigger picture of how money works. Congratulations once you pay it off your home. Then you actually own it, that takes discipline and consistency. Huge congratulations for having a passive income from your assets and not getting caught up in the whole negative gearing BS, which actually means you're loosing money. Congratulations for investing consistently and getting yourself educated on how it all works. Learning about how to actively invest in the market ain't it. That's a losers game. Are you a looser? Probably, most people are. Often people who I think are highly intelligent try and play the 'get rich quick' game with investing. And it's not a smart move. Again and again eventually I hear the same response 'I made some money & then lost it all'. Guys, it's actually so fucking simple. I will show you, I will teach you the things. So you make conscious decisions, so you know what you are doing & why you're doing it. So you have a big overall financial strategy that makes sense, that doesn't leave you as lower hanging fruit for the next hot thing. Yes, it's not as sexy as 'fast money'. But it ain't sexy being 40, broke, a drop shipper, crypto trader with a massive mortgage and 3 kids. Sexy is being able to be still, being able to not get swept up in promises of riches, it's being financially educated. When a man talks about compound interest and slow wealth building, I will give him my heart (for at least a moment). When a women has a solid plan for buying her own home, while building wealth and knows about 'good debt & bad debt'...OMG, I want to lick your nipples. That's fucking sexy! I'm so sick of talking about this stuff, but I literally cannot stop until I get it through the peoples heads. I actually want to be a designer, write books, and play piano. But fuck, you guys know nothing about this stuff, and it drives me totally nuts and I can't relax into doing the things I want to do because the desire to slap you all in the face and shake you is stronger. So get your ass into gear so I can honestly congratulate you and then I can go back to my artistic creations in peace and stop talking about fucking finances.

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