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The stuff you leave for when you HAVE TIME is what moves the needle

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Your business, bank balance, relationship and health only grow to the extent that you grow.

They don't grow by themself, you are the fuel, you are the catalyst, you're in the driver seat- even though most people are asleep at the wheel.

The work I do on myself is not 'when I have time' or 'when I'm feeling it'. It's every day. Every morning before I do anything I else I do the work to connect and prime myself.

I don't check my phone, emails, I don't even talk to anyone who is in the house with me unless it's sex- but we don't need to talk.

Even while trekking through Kilimanjaro I'd get up a little earlier and sit by myself, breath, meditate, whatever I needed to connect in first.

So many of us let the world direct where we are going & what we are feeling. A notification shifts us out of what we were actually focused on and into someone else focus, it's not their fault, it's yours for not having boundaries.

To grow internal you MUST have space, you MUST put your own growth first.

Meditation, working out, playing with the dog, journaling, the things you do when you 'have time', these are the things that TIME IS FOR.

These are the non-negotiables.

They may not seem directly related to making money or being a great partner or friend or being productive, but they are DIRECTLY related.

These are the MOST most direct actions you can take.

When you stop rushing through the things you are doing for yourself and instead get present and connect, then the things you were trying to push at flow more naturally.

You are the core of your universe, your reality, you make it all happen, you attract it all in.

Even think about the way our bodies are made if we want clear skin and a lean and fit body we have to go inside to make any changes. Sure we can use creams but they are just a bandaid. We have to get our organs clean, our heart pumping, our body moving. That's what makes the changes that we can see on the outside.

The choice is within yourself, do you continue waiting? Or do you decide to commit today?

Commit to being present with yourself first & foremost.

Today is the last day to book in a financial strategy session. You can book in a time for after today, but will need to make the booking by today. I will give you actionable feedback based on where you're at & where you want to go. This will be focused on freeing up cash flow, allocating your money & assets in a way that will give you returns & any debt repayment plans to keep the interest minimal and get you to a surplus asap.

I hold CFP and have 10 years experience as a financial advisor in some of Australia most prestigious firms. This mini strategy session is only $29! This is massive value. You can book yourself in below to get actionable takeaways right away that will increase your wealth. Don't forget this is the last day to book in.

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