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Cosmic Clarity

To live a remarkable life, to reach self-actualisation, to meet your potential requires a commitment and follow through.

It only happens if we you focus on it.

If you have direction.

If you commit to knowing yourself.

To knowing your unique mastery.

It's not a purpose like 'I am a transformative coach who is booked out and helps women make millions of dollars'

Because we are bigger than that.

We are transient, dynamic, nuanced.

That might be a byproduct and an off shoot smaller purpose.

But there is one undeniable transformation that you are required to go through in order to unveil self-mastery and beyond that- cosmic integration with the infinite.

That is the ability to master not only yourself but the physical realm- manifestation.

Because we get to play, in fact, the point is to play the game of life masterfully.

Of course follow through, motivation, is going to be challenging when you're not actually invested and aligned in where you're going.

The problem is likely not that you are lazy or that there is something wrong with you.

But that the North Star you're following is not yours.

When you uncover your North Star, following it is not even a question, it's a magnet, you cannot do anything but take the required action.

The cosmos organises itself when you uncover your true purpose and commit forever.

That's when the impossible becomes impossible.

I'm so excited to be launching Cosmic Direction, this is an intensive program with channeled masterclasses on soul direction, aligned action, manifestation, time paradox, cosmic board of directors, with daily workshopping to integrate the work.

This program is for those who want absolute certainty on who they are and what they came here to do. For those who already know who they are what they came to do and want to deepen and clarify their knowing and fully embody self-actualisation.

The cost is $111, and will go up to $222 on Monday. We begin December 11. No sales page for this. Send me a message if you'd like to join and I'll send you the details and payment link.

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