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Cosmic Direction

I'm inviting you to travel through space and time with me.

We are going into another dimension.

The hole of the soul, which is actually the entire universe and everything else that is not the universe.

Kind of like the pendant on the collar of the cat in Men in Black, the entire universe is outside and inside...that's the paradox.

All is in The All, and The All is in all.

We are going to get confused.

And then clear.

And then confused again...

But the second time around we will feel much more at ease with all the questions without answers, move beyond it and tap into that which is beyond thoughts and is always there leading us.

Diving into the universe that inside of us, begging us to notice it and waiting to lead us to LIFE.

Where the moment, the day, the year, your lifetime from now is a lover.

It demands the best from you, it demands you to bare all, and it holds your heart and teaches you how to really love.

Tomorrow we start Cosmic Direction, we celebrate the end, and lay out our bed for this moment and what is ahead, we connect with our true purpose, and with the secrets of the cosmos that are not really secrets at all- but only open to those who lean in and listen.

There is still time to join! 5 days together and you'll get to keep the program for life. It's only $222. There is no sales page. Send me a message for your ticket. Come on a journey beyond the physical, where only magic is real.

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