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Create it Yourself

When we are backed into a corner and there doesn't seem to be a door.

god is able to create a door.

That door likely takes courage to open.

And it takes faith to know that one will appear. When things feel urgent we are quick to concede to what is least resistant to relieve the pressure.

I want to remind you that there are other doors.

I've had a few people reach out to me facing what looks like a conundrum.

They have been threatened by the hose that feeds them financial security. Get the jab or we close off the tap.

What to do when it's totally against your values?

There is the door open that requires us to unplug the financial hose and become self-sufficient.

If we take that door there will be a moment we are out in the open, with no financial hose feeding us, we splatter and flap around, 'help, help, I can't survive'

Then we find stillness and see that we have our own financial source.

Our art.

Our mastery.

A decision to always be financially taken care of.

Not reliant upon a particular source, but a knowing that money always comes to us.

I said to my partner yesterday that I have the benefit of not worrying about money, not because I have enough saved up to live off for the rest of my life, but because I know how to make it.

I know how to make it because I decide that I always have more than enough money.

I decided a long-time ago I would not become a slave to anything or anyone else, except for god.

Out of that declaration I made my own career.

When I started my business no one else was doing what I was doing, I just made it up as I went.

Was it scary? Absolutely.

Did I doubt myself? Every day.

Having your own business is not always easy.

There reliance is all on you, which is also why it's my personal preference.

During the last few years I have built different income streams which I always suggest.

My income portholes are: Private Financial Strategy One-on-one self actualisation, business and money mentoring Programs (investment, money management, money mindset, occult teachings) Masterclasses on other platforms Affiliate for offers I love and talk about anyway Financial writer Owner of an online health food store Fashion label Yoga teacher (although I haven't taught for a few years now) Financial Investments (I try not to touch these since I'm in accumulation phase)

I'm sure I have more that have alluded me right now (I've had a strange day). But the point is you can be self-sufficient, if I did it, so you can do it.

You don't need to be in a corner right now, there is another door.

In this specific case for those that do not take the door, there is a window- here it is:

We do have the potential to transcend anything, the mind is so powerful that is can create illness just like it can cure.

Decide that this will not impact your health, it is not a denial, ignorance does not work because the subconscious records everything and it knows all. But rather consciously invite the mind and the body to actually perform their function and transcend the impact of the material world, sprinkled with a little grace and karma.

PS- I was a financial advisor for 10 years but wasn't down with the way the industry worked, the red tape impacted providing excellent advice to clients. So I unplugged and now have an incredible non-biased client first financial roadmap process which is the best damn financial process I've ever come across if I don't mind saying so myself!

This is financial advice beyond what is possible in the system, I teach you how to do it all and hold your hand along the way, you won't need ongoing advice after this process- this means self-sufficiency and financial understanding.

You can find out more about the financial strategy process below or send me a message.

PPS- The cover photo is part of a super fun shoot I had for my label Freya Savage The Label

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