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I don't take criticism well.

That's essentially one of the reasons I have my own business, no-one else is breathing over my shoulder evaluating my moves.

I was petrified of getting in trouble when I was a kid.

Mum doesn't know why this was the case.

Especially since I was very rarely punished, in fact I even asked my Mum to ground me when I was a teenager to have some sense of boundaries.

I felt wrongly judged as a teenager by teachers at the first high school I went to.

Based on the way I looked and the friends I kept I was considered disobedient and unruly so I rebelled. Double jeopardy style.

And that seems to be my tendency when I'm perceived as unrelatable or extreme in some area I'll dive further into it beyond what is in alignment at my core.

My Dad pulled me up on this recently.

Ironically since starting my business I've had more criticism since I'm unfiltered and out in the public, mind you I do get a lot more positive than negative, and it's now rare that I receive any criticism at all, it could be mindset or it could be that my audience knows who I am and are used to me.

It's also rare that my parents give me unsolicited advice, but recently I've had it from both Mum and Dad. Since my well practiced skill at handling criticism has had plenty of opportunities over the last 3 years I'm now quite masterful at responding, letting it wash over me and letting it go. But this time I got defensive.

I get defensive when I believe there is some truth to it.

Dad said that I should use my intelligence and my discernment before I post things online.

He was referring to a period where I was 99% convinced that COVID is a total scam, the vaccine is purposefully harmful for the individual and the elite schemed the entire thing to depopulate.

It's true I got a little emotional about it all. And I know when my emotions are high my intelligence is loooowww.

This expressed itself by me posting sensationalized 'facts' and emotive text.

Rather than sharing the well rounded level headed questions I have, I went straight to the assumptions.

I got caught up in it all, like I did with my renegade with crypto traders.

While I do think the entire thing has been managed poorly, makes very little sense and probably is a big scam, it's actually not actually beneficial to share sensationalized 'information', it's much better to treat myself and my audience as intelligent beings who are well rounded and conscientious.

The precocious teenager in me was put in place by Dad, but these days he doesn't really have any power over me, so in truth it was me being able to hear the 'criticism' by dropping my defences and by taking a moment to be reflective.

I must say it's very rare that I get criticism that I actually take on board, especially since the way I do life and business is different from the 99% so I just don't take much notice of it because I don't want to live my life like the 99%.

Here are some of the questions I ask myself before deeply considering what the other person has to say:

Do they have any experience in the area they are advising on? How do they embody this particular thing, does it work for them? Do I respect them? Is it even about me or a projection of their personal programming? Is there something more expansive that I could be doing right now than mind masturbating about what I should change or fix? What do I want to eat?

Thanks Dad for encouraging the aware and well-rounded intelligent version of myself to be expressed.

But don't tell me about business because I won't listen.

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