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Deciding is different from believing

Making money gets to be exactly the way you want it to be.

Magnetizing your soul mate clients gets to be exactly the way you want it to be.

Delivering to your clients gets to be exactly the way you want it be.

The amount of money you want gets to be exactly the amount you want.

I can hear you saying, yesss but then how come what I want is not showing up?

If it was that easy to just have what I want & do it the way I want then why isn't it happening for me?

Because you haven't really decided.

Deciding is different from believing.

I'll go into this a little bit, I don't believe a lot of the things I affirm. I don't actually believe that most of my money goals are possible for me.

But I decide that is what is happening.

Belief is believing, to me belief has some kind of analysis that goes with it, I look for proof and convincing myself not to just doesn't work.

But deciding is a decision, there is no space for anything else and it's beyond the analytical.  

I used to hold the outcome in mind and then assess how I could get there. For example, in order to make thousands of dollars each week, I need to do 10 sales actions each day, reach out to 15 people a day, create fancy sales funnels, have facebook ads running, do sales calls...and about a million other things...

So if I didn't do all those things each day then I'd believe that it just wouldn't happen for me until I did all those things...

I need to do X to get to Y.

Then I started to just decide on Y.

And I let the actions unfold as directed by me, not by what a social media influencer says that needs to be done in order to get to Y.

I make the money because I decide.

My clients find me effortlessly because I decide.

I work the way I want to work because I decide.

I live the way I want to live because I decide.

There is no room for anything other than that.

Yes I take action but the action is taken the way I want to take it, the art is in the processes, in the way I sell, in the way I create content, in all of it...

The stuff I just don't want to do, I don't do it...because the outcome is separate from the process.

The outcomes have already been decided.

The process is for arts sake.

I still manage my money, upload videos, do admin stuff., but a very limited amount because I either automate everything I can that doesn't excite me or I delegate it...

The small amount of stuff that does actually need to get done by me but doesn't light me up, which is literally so minute, I decide to allow it to be easy & inflow.

It's all a decision.

And when I forget, and start to do X in order to get to Y, I remember and I decide again.

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