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Do NOT say this to me

This totally grinds me, like it REALLY gets my bikinis in a knot...

So many people have been doing this.

I know that it's well-meaning.

But really, it comes from a place of fear.

Signing off on a conversation with.... 'stay safe'

It insinuates that the world is scary and that we must be on the lookout for danger.

While I'm all for looking left & right when I cross the road and washing my hands, I refuse to take constant action from a place of fear.

You know these people, maybe you are this person?

The once who is afraid of being 'screwed', thinks that people are not to be trusted until they prove they are trustworthy, sees danger everywhere.

No I will not focus on staying safe.

I will focus on enjoying life, while doing the basic things to protect myself and others, but I will not wrap myself up in plastic and hide.

Right now obviously many have been ordered to isolate, this is likely you, and this is seen as necessary to protect others, I'm all for this. This is not the case for me right now, we are fairly unrestricted and have only had 1 case a few weeks ago. But this is not what I'm referring to.

I'm not talking about this one event, I'm talking about life. How we relate to life itself.

When I lived in Johannesburg South Africa for 6 months, people would use 'stay safe' as a way to say goodbye. They had seen a lot of violence, everyone knew someone who had been held up at gunpoint or they'd been held up themselves.

It was a place where people had huge fences, we had two home security companies on contract and laser beams and metal grids inside the bedrooms. It was very common to even have a security guard. I was discouraged from running by myself, at the time I was training for a 100km marathon.

I refused to live in a compound confined by fear, while yes it was MUCH more likely based on averages that I'd be attacked, robbed, abducted, and all the other things, I refused to stop the things I loved to do out of fear.

I still ran by myself, but I ran within a 4 block radius, sometimes I'd run for 4 hours around the same 4 blocks! side note- I once ran 56km on a 300meter dirt track on Heron Island on the Great Barrier reef- but not out of fear of being attacked by a renegade bird because the island was so small.

I kept doing the things I loved to do, I amended them slightly to de-risk, but I didn't stop, and I certainly didn't focus on it- although I may have run a lot faster if I did.

If anyone close to me told me to 'stay safe' I'd ask them to use a different way of saying goodbye that wasn't based on protection.

It becomes a habit, to speak in fear, to feel in fear.

Our language is so important, it becomes our reality. What we focus on is what grows.

Be aware of the blessing you are giving others, 'stay safe' comes from a negative, it says the world is unsafe, it puts focus on this.

Chris has a list of phrases he knows not to say to me, including 'stay safe, 'take care' & 'good luck'. Hahaha poor guy!

But really just notice how these feel in your body when you say it, it's like as if things are scary, you need to be careful, and you need luck for things to go your way.

I believe the world is always on my side, everything is perfect, even if I do get sick, even if I do die, it is what it is, the world is not a terrible place because of that, it's the cycle of life, we just want things to be the way we want it, this is what creates suffering.

I choose to trust strangers, I choose to trust things will be exactly as they should be, I do not need 'luck' or 'to look out for myself'.

I also choose to opt-out of conspiracy theories based on high profile families trying to wipe out populations and make us sick. While I'm aware of it, I'm also aware there is not much I can do about it, other than fake a vaccine certificate once the time comes (should I be afraid to even write that publically? No I will not be). So I will not focus on it. I believe that wherever we are taken in the cycle this is exactly what's meant to be happening, there is a bigger universal unfolding at hand that no person or institution is in control of and they are just playing out their roles just as we are ours.

I will focus on the beauty, on the joy, I will focus on playing & creating with life.

Stay expansive, abundant and spacious, if you want ;p

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