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Don't do it for the people. Do it for yourself.

Don't do it for the people. Do it for yourself.

Don't do it for the money. Do it for your soul.

Don't do it for the recognition. Do it to KNOW the dark corners of yourself.

Don't live life, run a business, play family, to fulfil a purpose, a result. I mean you can I really don't give a fuck, but it's going to cause a lot more suffering, a lot more resistance, a lot more of this 'life is hard' heaviness, a lot more waiting to actually live.

The results never really come anyway, sure they do in the physical sense, but they are elusive, there is always the next thing when one thing dissipates it's another thing.

I used to feel this way about money, and I still do sometimes. When I first started my business my goal was to make $1,000 a month as a minimum, then it turned to $3,000, then $10k, then $20k.

But now I hold onto it a lot more loosely, it's more for the fun of it, to play.

I know for sure having this attitude is easier when my back is not against the wall.

When I didn't know how I was going to make rent and couldn't even buy myself a fucking ice cream- which was actually more devastating to me emotionally than not being able to pay rent.

When the bills are coming in and it feels like constant survival mode it's fucking hard to hold onto it all so loosely, it feels so heavy, so fucking necessary, so urgent, so sticky. Like you cannot breathe.

This is one of the most difficult places to be, it's so fucking annoying when people say 'manifest your way to something different' or 'surrender to where you're at & then take aligned action'.

Sometimes you just need to feel the fucking feelings. Yeh I feel desperate, I feel afraid, I feel lesser than, I feel like I'm going mad.

But ultimately if you do want to shift it, it is about surrendering to it, as annoying as that is when you're in it. That you're actually going to be ok, that everything is fucking ok, even if you lose everything, it's still ok.

That your quality of life is based on the freedom you choose to have internally, the space you choose to make. Because there is always space there, even when it feels like you're drowning. I promise there is space.

Shifting from that place can feel impossible, it can feel so out of reach and it's not even possible for you in this lifetime. But it is. It's a decision, of deciding, and then deciding again & again.

Deciding to get playful with life, to get curious with it.

Of course this is much more than about money, but let's keep to money, ironically money is much easier to make when you have more than enough money.


Because you don't NEED it, you aren't desperate for it.

Because you create & live from a place of what turns you on rather than from a place of necessity.

And that's fucking magnetising.

You might remember the post I wrote about the friend who called me declaring in shock that she was now a millionaire. She responded after I had written the post and said that not only was she super comfortable financially now, she was actually charging higher prices.

Why is it that we feel comfortable asking for more when we have more than enough?

Because we don't care if we get a no. There are no high stakes anymore.

I really don't care if someone wants to work with me or take my programs or not. It's totally irrelevant. I do my thing, create what I'm called to, and plenty of people don't like it, and plenty of people do.

But it's really none of my business what anyone else thinks about who I am, what I do, how I present myself.

In fact today a woman came up to me as I was getting home from dance, I had my headphones in, head down, in my 'I'm not open for conversation, don't talk to me' mode...yet she tapped me on the shoulder, then asked me where I'd been because my outfit was 'so interesting', then she went on to say something like 'how do the Balinese people look at you wearing that?'...I was so not open for that conversation, and I'm so not open for other peoples opinions of I walked away without even acknowledging her.

I'm unavailable for the opinions of others, to get into that world where I'm constantly trying to fit in so I'm accepted, doing the 'things' so I can 'make money' be loved by the people.


And don't get me started on affiliate marketing or drop shipping (I know some of my friends do this). Yes that's one way to do things, following the fucking steps and kill your soul slowly.

Or decide that life itself is art, be the fucking artist, let it all be art, not for the final piece but for the process itself, and certainly not for someone else to critique.

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