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Don't let the empty rooms stop you

Even if you are in alignment. Even if you've been putting your soul & heart creations out into the world. Maybe you've created one, two, even one hundred amazing offers. It doesn't mean you'll make millions of dollars or even make one sale. No you haven't done anything wrong. There is nothing wrong with what are you creating, and there is certainly nothing wrong with you. I've run PLENTY of workshops, classes, programs with only a few interested and sometimes even none. But I keep swinging the bat, keep showing up, keep putting my stuff out into the world. Too many people give up early because they think that just because they put an offer out into the world and no one bought it means that it wasn't good enough, or that they are not good enough. That's BS. It's a damn ultra-marathon, you've got to be willing to keep going, to keep putting your stuff out into the world. This is your training, your practice, this is what will sharpen you to be even more of you. Keep going.

PS- I have one open spot in my one-on-one mentor program if you'd like to chat more about this send me a DM here XX

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