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Don't separate the strategy from the inner game

I flip flop between focusing on my inner game and focusing on strategy. I went fully into one and then fully into the other one. You've likely heard before that success in any area of life comes from 20% strategy & 80% phycology. Side note- whenever I write the word success, something in me cringes, because success looks so different for everyone, yet there is this colour attached to 'success' that it means a what we've been told success looks like. So when I use the word success I use it as 'living in alignment to what you desire & who you know you are'. I tend to disagree with A LOT of the statements thrown around in the business world. But the 20/80 rule I totally agree and feel that in my own practice. At one stage I didn't really believe it had much to do with the inner game at all. Then I believed it ONLY had to do with the inner game. When I focused on strategy fully, I felt on point, I felt like I was being super productive, so sure, so safe, so on path. I had my head down and I went for it. But then I looked up and realised I hadn't actually gotten that far at all. I was also burnt out, I hadn't put any focus on the other things in life that mattered to me- like play. Mind you I don't believe play needs to be separate from 'work'. Although for myself I'm very aware that to not get to that tipping point where I'm totally spent and feel like I need to hide I need to being connected to nature/friends/family/Chris in a non-mentorship way for a few moments each day. So then I thought 'fuck all this hustle, it ain't getting my anywhere fast' and I went fully into the mindset side. Totally believing that meditating on what I desire & raising my vibration would bring in everything I desire. And it worked!! I'd literally have people contacting me out of nowhere saying things like 'I just couldn't stop thinking about you over the last few days and I know I need to get my money sorted, how can I work with you?' But it still felt kind of empty. I actually I really enjoy the hustle, I really enjoy working, I love strategy! Without having this in my life I can feel that I'm not So I now know....while it's true that I can call in what I desire if I spend the effort on my inner game, BUT by doing the hustle I am also working on my inner game, because I enjoy it, and this raises my vibration. This is who I know that I love to be. Mind you I do a lot of meditating on life and working on the inner stuff... I spend at least 3 hours a day in this process. But It's the strategy too. And importantly taking action on the strategy. Whether it is the actual strategy or it's the type of person that you become by doing the strategy that gets you to the 100%, so then actually it would mean that it's all the inner game. The strategy is part of the inner game. Because the kind of person that you are DOES strategy. So actually there is no separation from the strategy and the inner game. It's all the same damn thing. It's all part of the art. It's all part of the game that we get to play. PS- Feel like you've got a pretty good handle on your financial situation but it seems kind of messy? and you're not really sure if it's working as well as it could be? I'm opening up my calendar again for a one-on-one for only $29. In this session I'll give actionable steps you can put in place right now for cash flow, investments, debt repayments & retirement. A session with me typically costs $499, this is massive value, I know that I can see in just a few minutes what it can take the average person month or years to see in opportunity costs around their money strategy. You can book yourself in here to get actionable takeaways right away that will increase your wealth.

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