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Finish Strong

My running coach was the quiet and observant type, and when she did say something it was full of potency.

This one thing she said to me was what I attribute what I've created to.

I never remember her coaching me on technique, I don't actually remember her saying much at all in terms of feedback.

We would sit down together and plan out the races I would do that year, and at trainings she would tell me what to do on the off days.

It reminds me a lot of the Ashtanga teacher I'm practicing under, not much speaking, yet you can feel them there with you. Present and holding you energetically.

It gives me a sense of steadiness that often words fall short of or even cloud.

It gives the space to discover and lead myself.

There was one thing my coach would say to me though.

She would remind me of it before a race.

I'd repeat it to myself during the race.

It was this mantra that got me from being a mediocre runner to a fairly decent mediocre runner.

It was so simple "Finish Strong".

And when I finished strong I had more love for what I was doing since it's the essence of our last interaction that stay with us, that had me wanting more.

I also started repeating this to myself in other areas of life.

Finish strong at the end of the day. Go to sleep with an easy mind and heart, close off disruptions.

Finish strong in the moment. Be present, be here. Use the breath.

Finish strong in business offers. Don't give up when it looks like it's not working stay committed until the very last second.

I bring this up because near the end of the year it's common for people to say 'I'll start again next year" or fall flat and let go of the vision of achieving what they set out to achieve.

Common reasons being Christmas lunches, Family Time, No one buys in December.

All reasonable reasons to not follow through to the end.

Or you could also use time wisely, do the December things and still keep your eye on your vision, still take those small steps everyday, still hold the tension that it's possible and that you start now.

It never felt good to me to 'take time off' doing the things that support me, eating well, exercising, nurturing the relationship with my business.

I'd rather embody who I want to be all year round, not just for 11 months of the year.

I'd rather respect myself and honour my word.

I'd rather use each moment consciously, to support next moment.

I'd rather finish strong.

Every year I do a deep internal check to where I'm at and what my soul is directing me towards.

I uncover more about my purpose, what turns me on, and who I am. I use energetics with aligned action and time collapsing to be where I know I'm meant to be.

What I would love is to do this together, it's such a powerful way to end the year strong and to be clear about where to walk.

I've called it Cosmic Direction since it will connect to universal direction and intelligence.

Together we will move through 5 days to uncover soul purpose, genius and calibrate to it.

We start Dec 11, no sales page for this one, it's only $111 and will go up to $222 on Monday.

Send me a message if you'd like to join and do this together, it's going to be so fun!

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