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  • Freya Savage

Flakey is better than Lost

Do what's in alignment before doing what you said you'd do. Yes people might think your flakey, but so what? The ones that are 'your' people will get it. Of course, it's very convenient when it feels expansive to still do what you said you were going to do. But this is not always the case for me, while in general, it is now because I'm very connected to the future version of me, sometimes I make a call for the future that doesn't line up. Shit changes, we change, every moment we are different from the one before. On this island plans are really only made a day in advance, if at all, and changing plans is very ok here. But sometimes I still get this idea that I should do what I said I would do even if I'm not feeling it anymore. It comes in the feeling of guilt & pressure. I know for sure when I feel this I need to take action on it and cancel/change the plans because it's a practice of moving through the resistance rather than letting the resistance of 'shoulds' direct me. If you're married you probably vowed to committed to each other for the remainder of your life. This was something I would cringe at weddings, I'd call out 'bullshit'- in my thoughts of course. But now I feel differently about it. Because this is true for the moment. Promises and future plans still hold their potency because it's not the plans & the unfolding of this promise in the future that matters, but it is what the promise represents in this very moment. What happens in the future is irrelevant to this moment. It's never a waste, and the meaning is never taken away. In the moment it was true & real. Isn't it more important to be true to soul than it is to keep a promise that was made by a person you no longer are? Marriage is an extreme example of this. But every day there are these small events inviting us to choose between what we said we would do and what soul is actually asking us to do. I committed to doing a photoshoot tonight and I woke up this morning and my whole body was like 'no, not feeling it' I did a double-check with soul because I know sometimes I can get a message that comes from resistance disgusting itself as soul.... nope for sure it was soul. Even though we had planned it a week in advance (unheard of on the island) and even though I was concerned the photographer would think I was flakey AF, I knew to choose soul. It's all the small choices that make up most of life and lead to the 'big' choices. If we are constantly doing things because we said we would rather than checking in with ourselves we end up getting so far out of alignment. Being in integrity with self comes first for me always. When I'm in integrity with myself then life moves with me. Soul is always my compass even if it seems easier to just go along with the original plan, I don't take the path of least resistance, I take the one that leads me to me. Invest like a Queen is open for enrollment for 6 more days. Learn how to manage & build your own investment portfolio. Click here for the details.

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