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For the money handicapped

When money & finance feels like another world. A hostile country you've only heard about that sounds so diverse, so wild, so complex, it feels like it would take a huge commitment to really understand it and explore it.

So you hold off. You go to Ibiza instead or the Italian Countryside (metaphorically, we can only dream!) Because it's all been ok for you anyway. You've always had enough. Even though you never really looked to carefully at your money. You're generally careful with spending though, and you have even managed to save quite a bit up. Maybe you even bought a property. At least property is something tangible, it's something you can understand. So it's not that you're irresponsible with money, other than the occasional splurge. It's more that it feels like this huge unknown landscape, so you stick to what you know, and you know what you know is a very narrow path, and it has worked ok for you. But you deep down know that it's not working in the way that it really could be working. It's running at a 50% capacity. That if you want to really have limitless wealth, or at least enough to support a family or your own freedom in the future you need to do something more. You know enough instinctively that the get-rich quick promises of fads are not the way long-term (*cough* crypto), even though sometimes they entice you, common sense kicks in and you know this is not the silver bullet. But then it all seems like too much, and you have more important things on hand to focus on, so you 'tomorrow' it. Maybe you even have someone reliable guiding you with your money, but you kind of feel like a child, and in a way it's easy. But deep down you want to feel empowered, you're 'mature' and even advanced in most other areas of life, so it feels like a mis-match. Most of my clients have come from this place. They are very intelligent, very savvy, but financially they just never 'got-it'. So they didn't really look at it, and just trusted it would work out, and it always did. Until it didn't. Most people seek advice when something urgent occurs. A death, a birth, a marriage, a divorce, a big money loss, an inheritance. The thing is when it's urgent there is less you can do, of course it's still better than sitting in no-action, but generally they have already left hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table without even knowing by waiting. But at least this kicks them into gear to do something. The people who never have that 'urgency event' may never get kicked into gear, these are the people that are likely to not have enough beyond their working life, and will need to rely on others because they really waited too long. Because they kept all their money in cash and their home, and have nothing to actually provide them with a consistent income stream. Then there are the small group of people who decide on something greater. Who decide to walk towards a vision rather than wait for their external circumstances to push them into the fire. It's a different movement, it's a movement of grace rather than running away from something, rather than pure survival. When taking action and deciding to step into maturity from this place of vision their is a lot more space, possibility for limitless wealth opens up and is actionable. Imagine a world where you didn't worry about money, not because you had your head under the covers, but because you could see clearly, because you have a vision and financial goals, because you are consistently taking automated steps in that direction. Steps that feel as simple as brushing your teeth. Because you understand where you want to go & how to get there. Most of my clients start with feeling like they have some sort of handicap when it comes to money & numbers, that it's just something they never got & never will get. But once they start to pull away the covers and put the pieces together they see that it is really quite simple, it's comprehensive...but simple. They feel confident with money, with investing, they feel confident for their future. They no longer say 'I'm not good with numbers or money' Instead they have an inner knowing. This is what we do in the School of Money. I've been quiet for the last few weeks because I've been working on a new and even more mind blowing version of the School of Money. I've been waking up in the middle of the night with so much coming through to share with you all on the practical & the energetics of building limitless wealth. The School of Money is "life changing" (as quoted from a previous student). Students no longer worry about money, they hardly even think about it, because it all becomes so obvious and clear, because it becomes so simple. Today I've opened enrolment for the new version of the School of Money. You can join here now. As soon as you join you get access to the Investment Education Program which is the foundation for the School of Money. Then we start the offical program on the 14th of April. Investment is really just one piece of the puzzle, it's important, but by itself it's not super powerful, with the other pieces, the pieces you probably didn't even know where there, it becomes impossible for you not to create limitless wealth.

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