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Freedom of transcending the madness

We can reach totally freedom by following our desires, but it's a path for the strong and courageous. Osho said we desire freedom even more so than love. And when we put love first we try and creating safety and in doing so we lose freedom and the beauty of love which is not tameable. When I work with clients on financial strategy & road mapping a path to their desires we work through values exercise and EVERY TIME freedom is one of the top five values that comes up. EVERY TIME. For me personally freedom is everything. Freedom to me once meant- an abundance of money, to live how I like, no one running my day, I wear what I want, live where I choose and spend my time how I please. And it absoloutely still does mean this things to me. The thing is.... I have all these things now, and while I still always progress for the next level I see that there is another room entirely behind the curtain of desires. The freedom from the monkey mind. Liberation, enlightenment. The monkey mind is the one that takes you out of your current moment and fantasises about your next holiday. Then you get to the holiday and it's thinking about what you'll have for dinner. Then while you're eating dinner it will be looking at the dessert menu. What's the point in having all the things that look like freedom if the chatter inside is off taking us to another time and place? Always scheming, planning, problem-solving, judging, analysing. What the fuck is the point of it all if the mind and the emotions and constantly throwing tantrums? This should be like that. He should be like this. She is wrong. This is not fair. I'm hungry. I ate too much. I want a boyfriend. I want to be single. I want more money. I have too many possessions. OMG i,t's non stop! We have the ability to truly let the pleasures of life wash over us. But without having a disciplined mind we maybe only get a few moments a day of being totally present, maybe none at all. For most people, they have no idea what being present even means and have never even questioned the mind at all. Never practised any discipline with the mind. Letting the emotions & thoughts from those emotions drive all day every day, constantly being triggered by the world. You can see it right now with all the drama about the virus. The toilet paper is out of stock- which is hilarious because people are manifesting their own fears by buying up all the toilet paper, the supply of toilet paper has not decreased at all. People have cancelled their holidays, they are afraid to be outside in the world. The share market has plummeted (ps I've been buying up!). There is no discipline of the mind, the average person just lets their emotions run the show, perpetuating their own fears into reality. Let's wake up people! Know that your thoughts, your emotions and your fears are not wisdom. They are often 'caught' from others and have nothing to do with you at all. Shit even the 'knowledge' you learnt is often not wisdom, it's some BS propaganda- don't even get me started on the medical industry and the stuff doctors get taught! That's not wisdom. It's not even intelligence. It's being programmed. Letting someone else run the show. Being a puppet. By engaging with the fears we actually create the problem and birth it into reality. Our subconscious does not know the difference between the 'problem' happening in our mind vs in this physical world. You get to choose how you feel about how you feel. Let me say that again. You get to choose how you feel about how you feel. Yes you can go through this life working, eating, fucking, reading the news, all while thinking about the next moment. Or you can wake up and seek to know liberation, true freedom, true bliss through being disciplined and courage enough to seek to know a truth that is not taught but a truth that is found.

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