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Give them your best stuff for free!

Give them your best stuff, don't hold back...

If it's a free training or if it's a $100,000 up the same way... Fully in, fully open, fully serve... If one person shows up or if 1000 people show show up the same way... Because your being is not swayed by the results, by the external landscape... You are you, always, you are solid in your you-ness... When I first started my business I was concerned I was giving away too much content for free, why would anyone pay me or buy my programs when I gave all of my wisdom out for free? So I held back, skirting around the 'HOW'...actually I was taught by someone along the journey that when sharing content never tell them 'HOW' just tell them 'WHAT'....that is you tell them what the results are but you don't tell them how to do it... It just didn't feel good to me to play these games, to hold back from sharing exactly what was coming through... So I let loose, I started to share my best stuff, share exactly what was coming through... Did I worry that people would just consume & not buy? Yes at first... And in fact I have a % of very loyal fan base of audience members who have never bought anything from me but they binge on my content & on numerous occasions I've been told by them that my content is what shifted them to follow their soul...but they've never paid me for it... During a quick exchange on messenger a prospect reached out to ask how she could work with me, I gave her the details and some quick feedback that she could act on right away......then it was radio silence.....a week later she reached out and told me that the one sentence of feedback I gave her literally changed her entire mindset & she felt like a new person, so right now she did not need any other support because that's all she needed. So should I have held back in order to get the sale? Should I not share because my audience gets results without paying me? Absolutely not. My people love to work with me because of my's kind of like going to a concert versus listening to the album at's a totally different experience... It's the same content, the same words, similar sounds...but it makes you feel totally different...and that's what people buy, they buy feelings, not things... Because feelings are what creates results, feelings are what shifts us & fuel us... Yes you might get some results consuming free content, but t's not going to be the full show... When you work with high ticket mentors who charge tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, they give you exactly the same content as they do in their books & in their low-cost programs... Yes you will get it tailored for you, and they will probably drop in a lot more personal reflections, but generally, the message will be the same... So why bother paying when you can get it for free? There are a few reasons....firstly paying someone puts more skin in the game, it keeps me more accountable, I remember when I was at university I signed up for a gym membership for $15p.w, which was A LOT of money for me then, I went every damn day because I was going to make the most out of it! The act of investing is saying you back yourself, when you believe in yourself, possibilities open up, you start to become magnetic, shit just flows to you without you doing much at all. You step into that future version of yourself. By investing in yourself before you're ready you are stepping into being ready, you are claiming that version of yourself in the future that has all the things & does all the things. This is more effective than any kind of reprogramming, this is the holy grail of reprogramming. But, it's important to hold to the lightness & trust throughout the process....not to freak the fuck out once the payment has been made...because then you close off the possibilities again, if you think it won't work for you, if you think you've made a mistake then that's how it will play out... Investing doesn't have to thousands of dollars for it to be effective...back when I committed to the $15 gym membership that was a huge sum for me! It was not a decision I took on lightly...but the slight discomfort did push me to go for it... I used to believe I needed to spend 10's of thousands of dollars every year on mentoring for the 'you get back what you put in paradigm', but I don't believe that's true anymore... While I do still invest 10's of thousands of dollars, it's not the amount of money that I see as an investment, but instead following where I'm directed to go and doing what feels true even if it feels scary AF or even if it seems like a very low & menial $$ might be a $49 program or it might be a $49,000 mentorship... This is also the understanding that money is infinite, that I hold my purchases lightly, I release the results & the outcome...I trust I'm always guided to exactly where I need to be & what I need to be doing, and if that first instinct says yes do it, I practice doing it... I say practice because sometimes fear still gets me & then I start questioning it all, weighing all up in my head, not believing that the results are possible & I'm back in the paradigm of the past of the narrow options... It's funny how these ramblings unfold, I came here to speak about sharing your wisdom fully no matter who is watching or how much they are paying because the people who are your people will want to buy your stuff anyway because they want to be in your energy, & energy is what creates change... And it then shifted to investing in yourself & trusting your first instinct...I trust someone needed to hear that today. Ohh I want to mention this- I wouldn't suggest putting 10's of thousands of dollars on a credit card for a program or coaching service, I know that many coaches encourage this, I mean go for it if that's what you deep down are being called to do! I know many people who have done this and have gone on to build super successful multi-million dollar businesses... BUT it's not enough to just pay the money, you have to be willing to back it up, to keep the faith, the trust, to take action every damn day, and that's more so the reason they were successful...yes put yourself under a bit of pressure but I wouldn't suggest doing anything that could cause total havoc on your financial situation unless your mindset is super solid & you are super committed.. Invest in yourself, go with your instinct but importantly be committed to following through with it... PS- Join the Wolf Pack for just $1 for the first month is back for the next 3 days for new members...each month we run workshops, masterclasses & tones of bonus content on a particular topic, this month was selling from the soul- how to get more sales in a way that feels good for you!...If you want in click here.

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