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God Wants You to Be Rich

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

God doesn't give a F**K if you feed the homeless or collect Louboutins

Is it sacrilege to ask god for wealth?

Is it using spirituality in vain to use universal laws to manifest material things?

The teachings of messengers from god the melody are the same- God wants us to be abundant.

Being abundant looks different for everyone, for someone abundance is renunciation of worldly things, for someone else it's experiencing physical pleasures.

There needs to be no shame or spiritual sacrifice in having material wealth and no shame in asking for it if that is our true pull.

Our desires were put in us not to renounce but as a roadmap. By the way someone can renounce their desire for renunciation, it's still a desire.

And we all have different desires, and if we stick to our lane there is more than enough for everyone.

I'm reading Yogananda autobiography of a yogi and he had a burning desire to seek a guru who would bring him closer to god. That path was renouncing most material things, but it did not feel like lack for him, because his burning desire was the path that felt abundant and seductive for him.

If having a lot of money, nice cars, designer clothes is what you have a desire for don't feel ashamed for it. Don't try and push yourself into minimalism because you think that's what a spiritual and being responsible means.

I love wealth, I love luxury, I love having more than enough money, I love sex, I love chocolate. These pleasures feel expansive, they leave me feeling abundant and full. God is with me in all of them.

I love bringing in money, it's fun, if I want I donate some of it I do, but honestly, I don't think God gives a fuck.

If we have a 'desire' to financially and emotionally support others then that's gods way of reaching others, if we don't, don't do it. God will direct you where to put your hand out, where to spend money, what action to take.

There is so much weirdness about making money and enjoying the luxury as a 'conscious' seeker of god.

So much shame is programmed into us around wealth and money even without the involvement of the misguided spiritual doctrinarians.

There is some weird idea that the more wealth we have the further away from God we get and the more robotic and disconnected from love and compassion we get.

It's true there are shitty rich people.

But there are also shitty poor people.

Money is neutral, but it is an enhancer.

So if you were a shitty, tight-ass before, you'll just be more of one when you have a lot of money.

My audience and people are incredibly inspiring humans, I want more money in your hands, the world will be a better place. Please make a lot of money.

By having a lot of money, you do not contribute to more misery in the world. In fact, the more money you have the more you can do with it, so now that you have a lot of money you can actually distribute it.

A message for those who are abundant- this is not a time to stop spending and save your pennies.

This is a time to circulate money, to spend with faith and trust that of course more money flows to you, irrespective of the economy.

This is a time that you can support others and receive wonderful services and products.

There is a difference between hoarding and being abundant.

What is the difference?

It's a frame of mind, it's an attitude.

One is 'there isn't enough, a famine is coming, the shoe will drop at anytime, I need to keep it close because this might be the end soon'

The other one is 'I enjoy being abundant, having more than enough, being generous now and for my future self'

Both may have the same amount in the bank.

Both might invest financially too. Side note- I have noticed it's often the people who have a scarcity mindset who don't invest in long-term portfolios and instead either keep their money in cash or seek out get-rich-quick investments. Interesting.

Even if they have exactly the same assets they couldn't be more different in the felt experience.

One has the pin code for gods back account and is never in desperation even when the numbers look dry.

The other one is always fearing a lack of resources and is true to fear this since He draws clear lines between what is His and what is others, essentially cutting Himself of from God's account.

Jesus taught that we have plenty when we are with god. God does not desire for us to suffer, God does not wish to punish us. We do plenty of that ourselves.

There is always more than enough.

God doesn't give a fuck if we ask for Louboutins or money to feed the homeless, both prayers are answered when it comes from purity and faith.

They are pleasurable to me because I was coded to enjoy these things, in fact, any experience is a gateway to God.

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