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God doesn't give handouts...God gives something better

Why are some wealthy and others are poor?

Why are some rich but not wealthy?

Let me start with the second question, to be rich means to have more than enough resources. But it does not mean that you are wealthy.

I have met rich people with resources but so afraid to lose them because they do not know how to create more of it. They feel that they will only ever have what they have now and it's going to dwindle with every dollar they spend.

So actually they are in scarcity.

I have met plenty of financially rich people, but who are not wealthy because the other areas in their lives are poor.

They are spiritually disconnected from purpose & from trust.

They are disconnected from their bodies, they are diseased & fat.

Socially they are disconnected from the people around them, their relationships are toxic or surface level.

To be wealthy is to have trust & faith in your own ability to create wealth, including financial wealth.

Let me repeat this word..... ABILITY to create.

The universe/god/source does not give you money when you pray for it.

It gives you something better, the ability to create wealth.

The ability is much more powerful than handouts of money.

Ability to create money then becomes infinite.

Ability comes in the form of ideas, in the form of creativity.

The poor are poor because they have lost faith in their own ability. Because they believe they don't have anything worthwhile to offer the world.

For many people, this is the world they had been born into, a society that was structured in the form of praising and rewarding a few for their ideas and ignoring or shamming others.

So the ones who had ideas that were not rewarded either built up a tone of resilience and self-confidence & defied what they were told to do and did it anyway. Most of the influential entrepreneurs we know today.

Or they crept into their shell, trying to mould themselves into something they were not, retracting, feeling lesser than, feeling like they need to receive and handouts in order to survive.

Let me clear, graciously receiving support & money from others is very different from leaning and leaching off others by playing the victim card.

We all have the ability to not only be rich, but to be wealthy, but it takes work, work to actually conceive the ideas we are given.

An idea needs to be produced & created

If you want to create an impact you have to be influential.

If you want to be influential wealth is a way to support it.

If you want to be wealthy you must take action on the ideas that are delivered to you.

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