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Hairdressers & Airplanes

Yesterday I had a hairdresser come to my house.

Getting my hair done & travelling on the plane feels the same for me.

I hate sitting still for hours in a chair. I resist the journey, but I know the destination is worth it.

I was having a laugh with one of my clients yesterday about sitting in the hairdresser chair and staring at yourself for hours. Why do I always look so pale? Why don't they have any healthy tasty snacks? - mind you last time I went to the hairdressers I ordered take away to the salon. Why am I so obsessed about snacks when I sit still? My face is so Asymmetrical, why couldn't I be created like those butterfly paint pictures where you put the paint in the middle then fold the paper and both sides are equal? If I could do that as a 4-year-old surely God could create symmetry. Yes, I'm aware I sound vain, but it's the truth so I'll tell it... and the self-judgement gets loud AF sitting in the damn chair.

I generally use my time to work anyway, fuck watching some bullshit movie, I'd rather sell, write or work on a spreadsheet. I love a spreadsheet!

But yesterday I could feel that some of my juice was gone. I really wanted to be outside on the beach or hike the mountains.

I didn't want to sit there and just waste my time thinking about snacks & plastic surgery, particularly because I was dry fasting! So I pushed myself to do some work.

I sat from 11am-7pm and I literally did the amount of work that it would generally take me 20mins to do.

It was such a great reminder to move with the flow of where I'm at otherwise nothing actually gets done & I just feel totally frustrated.

If I'm really being called to take a nap, or to play, yet I grind & push myself to work I get hardly anything done, and I'll likely redo it anyway.

It's not all about being in that productive & hustle mode, yes that's important, but I feel like it's totally overrated, it's the favourite child. Where actually the quiet, dorky, sleepy child is creative & intuitive AF and also has so much to give.

When we embrace & nurture all parts of ourselves when they call us we move forward in ALL the cycles.

That it's only when we resist it do they drag on & feel annoying & frustrating.

I'm definitely not saying when I feel lazy & introverted I let myself scroll & watch hours of Netflix, because I rarely feel nourished after that, and often that's an action to actually avoid what's coming through. Instead, I often do yin, light a candle, have a self-pleasure date, write heartfelt posts- these are the posts that I'll often cringe at when I'm in the full power action taking mode.

This is what allows us to explore all corners of the self, and of course, this means that when we are in full power action mode we have all this juicy experience from the other cycles of self to assist us.

I still stay committed to my non-negotiables because I know that in this mode I'll sometimes feel like skipping the stuff that I know really nutritious me. For example I commit to 2 * movements per day, but in this introverted mode it might be a walk & yin rather than ashtanga & sprints.

Every cycle is beneficial. Money can be made in every cycle. Content can be made in every cycle. Love can be uncovered in every cycle. Trust that your intuition will show you how and that it doesn't need to look the same as what it does in full power mode to be effective.

Also, release the need for it to be 'effective' at all, because this gives the feeling that results need to come from it, while I love a result if one decides to present itself, I just let the point of it to be the point.

The sunset & the beach is calling me.

PS- Thoughts on the new hair? Don't let me know if you think it looks shit. I sat in that chair for a long time yesterday, my ego is looking for validation ;p

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