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Hashtags piss me right off

I fucking hate hashtags, I won't use them, I flat out refuse, they feel like Hush Puppies... No soul... They feel so desperate, do this to attract the people... Let me tell you my people don't go searching hashtags unless they are looking for the ultimate burning man outfit. My people are attracted to me because that's what I decide, because they can feel me, then they have a random dream about me, or they can't stop thinking about something they read I wrote, or they just stumble across my profile...and they just know. They don't find me because of damn desperate hashtag #picoftheday, what the fuck does that even mean? Does anyone actually search that shit? OMG not my people. Why am I even bothering to write about something so small? So insignificant? Because it's actually fucking huge. How you do anything is how you do everything. If you say you trust, and you say you decide, and you say that you're stepping into the person. Yet you're still taking the souless actions that you think you have to do in order to get there, just in case, just as a back up. That wipes it out, one grain of sand backs up the entire machine. And now you're wondering why it's not happening for you. Because you're trying to fucking hard, because you're forgetting who you are. Because you're wearing Hush Puppies. Because you're using hashtags. Because you think you need to do X to get to Y, and you're selling your damn sexy soul along the way, that's why it ain't happening for you. Open now, 6 months to work one-on-one. $1,229 per month. Message me.

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