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How I manifested being endometriosis free

I cured myself of endometriosis, not by having the surgery that was recommended to me, but by deciding and letting the action steps unfold...

Since my first menstruation cycle I remember hating it, it was painful, I felt embarrassed about it, it felt dirty.

I had to stay over at a school friends house the first week I got my period because Mum was going away, I really didn't want to- it was a small school with only 12 people in my year level so I didn't have a large choice of friends...anyway when I was at her house I kept going the bathroom because it was so uncomfortable wearing what felt like a diaper & I bleeding so much & I honestly had no idea what the fuck was going on.

It took me about 26776576mins each time I went to the bathroom, I'd put the pad on backwards or get the sticky side parts tangled up, anyway she was suss on me and stood on the other side the door listening to what was going on when she heard the tear & ruffle of plastic strips she was onto it. When I walked out of the bathroom she looked at me with disgust and said 'you have your period, that's gross' and then she stopped talking to me. In her defence, she wanted to be a boy, she would even tape her boobs down...But what I took from it was that menstruating was shameful, I didn't have the foresight & the space to see that was her story that I took on.

No wonder my periods were so painful & heavy from day 1, I was totally disconnected & resistant from the start.

Long story short I was diagnosed with endometriosis, a condition that can cause infertility and a fuck load of pain.

The options were 'surgery or go back on the pill, but if you go on the pill it won't solve the problem of fertility'. I had been on the pill for 12 years and had just become aware of how disruptive it was to my being, I wasn't going back on it.

So I decided to neither options was an option. Instead, I decided that I would heal myself.

And I did.

There is quite a bit in between that, I did take actions, but none of the actions that worked was a plan that I was given by someone else, I did try Chinese herbs, acupuncture etc...what worked was me deciding that my menstruations from now on going to be enjoyable & that I would listen & respect my reproductive organs....I'd literally get these little cookie trails of messages- 'fast', 'rest on day 1 of menstruation', 'yoni steam today', and I just did what I told.

Now I'm totally clear of endometriosis...I still have mild pain, but I don't need to take pain killers which would have been seriously unheard of even a year ago.

I decided to have a beautiful menstruation cycle, I decided that it gets to be easy & inflow, I decided that there was nothing to fix, & I spoke to my ovaries & yoni to let them know I knew they were doing the best they could & that I loved & appreciated them.

I don't know if I'm clinically considered infertile.

But I decided that I'm fertile, and I just know that I am when I want to have a child I know it will happen. But I also surrender if  it doesn't- which sounds contradictory,  I'm full of contradictions, but it makes total sense to me.

And that's literally how I manifested pretty much everything in my life. I decide & then I surrender.

Side note- I'm definitely not suggesting people should not listen to medical advice, there is an incredible amount of knowledge in the space, and I have total respect for doctors & surgeons and have many friends in this space. If my leg gets cut off I'm not calling an acupuncturist...

In my experience, if we focus on what is 'not right' or 'sick' then we create more of that, pushing & striving doesn't work, you decide that it's already on the way to you and you're healing each moment, you trust that the direction comes through to you, and you surrender like a mother fucker.

It's the same with money & business. If you focus on what you don't have you take action from a place of lack & then you end up doing a heap of shit that is desperate, boring, exhausting etc and don't get the results or very little of the results anyway.

It's not about ignoring what the current situation is, it's actually the opposite of it, it's looking at it, & surrendering to it. You can also hold onto it because no one would blame you if you did, there are people right now who don't know how they will pay the rent, who are in a lot of pain, people who are very sick, so it would be understandable to be angry & resist & take action like a frantic squirrel.

But the other way is accepting, surrendering, & then deciding a different reality connecting to it & letting the steps come through, & surrendering to that too.

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